How do I schedule an appointment?  To schedule an appointment, email  WhiteOwlAstrology@hotmail.com or call Terri at (805)766-4040.  Before your appointment you will need to provide the following: Birth Date, Birth Place (City/State) and Birth Time (am/pm).  It is important that you check your birth-certificate for the accurate time.

How long are sessions?  Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length and include a recording of the session on CD.  You are also welcome to record the session from your end of the call. I do not mail outside the U.S.

What is the cost?  Sessions are $95.00, unless it is a business chart.

How do I pay?  Simply use the Pay Pal link once your appointment is scheduled with Terri. Payments are made to the  business account, WhiteOwlAstrology@hotmail.com.


*A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required if an appointment can’t be kept. I am happy to reschedule, but missed appointments are billable.

Disclaimer: I, Terri Quintel, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I don’t diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease.  I am an astrologer and this spiritual work is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind, physical or psychological. For such issues I recommend you seek the proper licensed physician or health care professional.  I make no promises or guarantees about the results of this work.