What is Evolutionary Astrology? Evolutionary Astrology is a science used to explore your basic character traits, strengths and passions. Our goals and needs are constantly changing. By understanding your natal chart and the influences from transits, you’ll gain perspective and insight on how to live more authentically, and support your life-course in a more rewarding direction. 

What is a session? Astrology is an excellent tool for goal setting and planning. A session can be catered to any area of your life…from vocational and career direction, to becoming more effective and aware of your talents and skills. Learning where to focus time and effort in positive, life affirming directions will enable you to experience a more rewarding life.  Insight and timing are essential keys to working with the ebb and flow of energy.

Let’s work together! I’d be honored to assist you in exploring your unique astrology chart, and how it relates to your journey. In these specialized sessions we’ll focus on key aspects of your life by utilizing current planetary cycles. You”ll understand how they relate to your goals, and plan ahead with the knowledge you gain.

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Ready to get started? Call first if you have any questions regarding which session is right for you. If you’re familiar with your astrology chart, a Transit and Progressed hour would be most beneficial.  Select your session below and click “Buy Now” – or purchase a gift certificate.  I’ll contact you within 12 hours to schedule a time, via Skype or phone. (Pacific Time)

Birth Chart (Natal Chart with Transits)
The Birth Chart (Natal Chart) consultation is a 60 minute session. We will discuss the influences that are unique to you alone.  This session is for first time clients that have not had a their chart done before. It includes an overview of the planetary cycles and the year moving forward. Reaching your current goals can be supported by examining your planetary placements and developing strategies to reach their highest aim.


Children’s Chart
Your child’s astrology chart is examined and explained in terms of personality and growth. We explore cycles of change and the unique characteristics of your child. We will discuss techniques for interacting with and encouraging your child’s  individuality and learning style. (Birth to 12 years)


Business Timing (1 year) Calendar
Timing is everything. This one year calendar is specific to your business. You will discover time-frames for planning, promotions and marketing. Utilize this unique tool to make the most of your effort to grow and sustain a thriving business.


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Transits & Progressed (For the Year Ahead)
The Transits and Progressed consultation is a 60 minute session. This session utilizes planetary cycles to plan your year ahead. This is a great session for returning clients or folks who have had a basic natal/birth chart reading in the past. We will explore your goals, along with timing for changes and growth in your career and personal life. 



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Disclaimer: I, Terri Quintel, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I don’t diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease.  I am an astrologer and this spiritual work is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind, physical or psychological. For such issues I recommend you seek the proper licensed physician or health care professional.  I make no promises or guarantees about the results of this work.