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June Forecast 2017








June is usually viewed as the month vacations begin. It’s no wonder schools release staff and students for summer once the Sun moves into Gemini. This restless energy encourages us to travel through books and conversations. Whatever you choose, curiosity inspires us to gather information and experiences both mentally and physically. Connecting with family is just the tip of the iceberg, and travel opportunities appear out of nowhere.

The transiting Jupiter is kissed by the Moon on the 3rd. Unexpected news or information comes your way. Listen to your intuition to dispel fact from fiction. We feel a need to expand but until the 9th, when Jupiter turns direct, it’s best to postpone big launches.

The planet of action, Mars, moves into family oriented Cancer on the 4th. This combination is about taking the initiative to reach out. Just say yes to invitations. Since Mars is “out of bounds: until June 15th, it is inspiring our creative side. What inspires you? How can you balance work and play to find more joy in your life?

The Sun moving through Gemini will help you explore possibilities at the crossroads. We need a change of scene, a fresh perspective. Mercury (communication) is rich with synchronicity and challenges us to take the road less traveled. The transiting North Node in Leo fortifies your courage. Restlessness is the alternative.

February marked the beginning of expansive Jupiter’s retreat in Libra. We’ve had four months to re-group and focus our aim on new goals. June 9th is the green light to join others in the emerging arena. Did I mention it’s not a solo adventure? Yes – you need partnerships to brainstorm and share the journey. It would be a blunder to strike out on your own.

The new Moon, also on the 9th, is represented by the Sabian Symbol 19 Sagittarius. It speaks of experiences that call for a new way of life. Trust your instincts to move through necessary challenges. Nothing that truly inspires you can harm another. (1)

Until August we’ll feel the influence of the February eclipse. The “lucky break” and “events that can bring positive change into one’s life” (2) could be showing up now. If your goals don’t feel a bit risky it’s not Jupiter. Bet on yourself!

By June 13th we have a challenge to discern fact from fiction. It seems like we need more information or clarity. Saturn in opposition to the Sun, around the 15th, is about exposing anything that does not have integrity. The words and actions of authority figures must match, or it’s just another smoke screen.

Networking is a big theme for the first half of this month. With Mars in Cancer we’re bringing our emotions to the surface. Expressing what you feel is important. Are you responsive or reactive? The 18th brings unexpected contacts and surprising information. Reacting can keep you stuck in a pattern, where responding gives you a chance to think things through. What supports where you are now? What has changed? Realize you are not the same after navigating difficult experiences.

We’re maturing our voice and relationships the 21st through the 24th. Expect insights and transformative meetings to lead the way. One of my favorite movie lines is from “The Four Feathers”. After a long and grueling journey one friend asks the other, why he is still with him. His response, “God put you in my way”. Be mindful. Which role to you play?

Timing is often a blessing we don’t see coming. The 25th to 27th is rich with synchronicity. Find compassion in all your conversations, and remember the richness of listening. It’s often the emotion behind words that conveys the true message of the speaker.

Until July – enjoy the freedom of summer.


  • Barbara Peters, teacher and life-coach.
  • Bernadette Brady, Author of “The Eagle and the Lark”.

April Forecast 2017


Venus stationed direct on April 14th, after a long arduous review of relationships and values. Maybe this pause helped you shine a light where there was darkness, planting a seed of hope or change for new beginnings. While retrogrades are challenging, the growth they initiate in our consciousness can be transformative. Venus began its journey forward conjunct to Chiron. The planet Chiron is underestimated in terms of relationships. These two slowly working their way through your consciousness, help to uproot reactionary patterns of behavior. Since they are in Pisces, these patterns are being brought to the surface for examination. Are new opportunities presenting themselves? Has your creativity been jump started? Venus can also be the easy way out, and is often the planet tied to addictions. Change the habit by substituting a creative endeavor. Explore your senses instead of numbing them. Venus in Pisces calls the artist, dreamer and visionary to step forward. When she moves into Aries on the 28th you can positively initiate those ideas.

Today and tomorrow (April 19th/20th) will be the mid-point of the current Mercury retrograde. The next few days reveal what this review means for you. Mercury in Taurus ranges from financial concerns to values. Deep seated issues are being examined. How do your beliefs support your current circumstances? The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 1 Taurus “A clear mountain stream flows steadily downstream”. This suggest going with the flow, and the path of least resistance. Like water, the energy shifts to the circumstance. Discrimination is called to task because Mercury is taking on Virgo characteristics. Details come to light and we gain access to information that was previously hidden. How does our thinking support us? Fundamentally, Taurus rules the senses and basic needs. Are you living your life to the fullest? Do you have friends, love interests or a passion you’re pursuing? All these suggest being not only positive, but productive. Stay focused.

With Pluto stationing retrograde on the 20th, the same theme is carried forward. We have an opportunity to transform areas of our life that have become stagnant. The decanate of 20 Capricorn is ruled by Virgo. Is there something you can teach or mentor to others? What causes you to “give up” on your ideas? How can you be of service or a help to others? This may be the most reflective time we’ve experienced in a while. Even Saturn has turned inward (April 5th) and will remain retrograde until August 25th. What needs to be restructured in your life? Where are you being tested to expand and claim more for yourself? This last question will be answered once Jupiter goes direct in mid-June. Until then, we’re gathering new pieces to the puzzle and visioning the next steps. Don’t be afraid to dream big.  June 9th launches us in new directions and I’ll elaborate more once we hit that time-frame.

Until the New Moon on April 26th, let go of things that no longer serve your growth. This includes what others project onto us and habits that don’t support us. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is 7 Taurus: “The women of Samaria comes to draw water from Jacob’s well” Examine where you might hold a prejudice and ask if it fits for the time we’re living now. Are these ideas supportive of your social and spiritual integrity? Your beliefs shape future generations. Let it be peace and not hate that carries us forward. Until May… sending light and love.

Monthly Forecast March 2017


We start the month of March in the wake of a solar eclipse. If you haven’t felt the subtle shift of a new chapter in your life, stay tuned. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 9 Pisces: “The Race Begins: Intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.” The Sun is still conjunct Neptune and the energy that rolls out the next 6 months is slow out of the gate. Our dreams are taking shape. When the Sun moves into excitable Aries, we’ll have a better grasp on new developments. With the relationship planet, Venus, and ambitious Mars in Aries now…pieces are falling into place to nudge us into new territory. Expansive Jupiter is retrograde in Libra. Are you wondering if there’s a parachute? Partnerships and agreements are scrutinized for their contribution or disillusion. On the 4th, our partnership planet, Venus turns retrograde. This turn mirrors some of the retrograde Jupiter energy. It’s not time to invest our hard-earned dollars on large purchases. There is a tendency to overvalue things. After April 16, you’ll have a better understanding of how to proceed. Venus is about our evolving values too, and partnerships often undergo harsh scrutiny. Reunions and meetings with old friends are common now.

Mercury, planet of communication catches up to the Sun on the 7th. Ideas, visions and short trips are highlighted. Once Mars, settles into earthy Taurus on the 10th, you find creative outlets for your energy. Music and art take center stage to stir our ambitions. The Full Moon on the 12th falls on the Sabian Symbol degree of 23 Virgo: “A lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena.” Courage is called on when we embrace new challenges. With Mars in Taurus we stay grounded in the fray. By mid-March the Sun joins Chiron, reminding us to have compassion for ourselves and others. Transcending old hurts means letting go of the emotional charge the memory holds. Releasing the want to change it, will free your energy to move past and beyond limitation. The transit North Node in Virgo pulls us into acts of service. You could feel an attitude adjustment happening on a very subtle level as the reasoning planet, Mercury, puts some unique characters in our way. Be open to different points of view and stretch your horizons. Possibility starts with a seed of inspiration as creative Venus spurs curious Mercury to test something new on the 18th. With expansive Jupiter opposing Uranus you have no excuse to be bored. A surprise or break-through is sure to surface. On the 22nd we get a jolt, as the Moon triggers a T-Square with Pluto and these same two planets. Keep your schedule flexible the last week of the month, when Venus retrogrades over the Sun and reunites old acquaintances. The great awakener Uranus, is pairing up with Mercury, and the information is sure to take us on a wild ride. Hang on to your hat and I’ll see you again in April.

New Moon Forecast – January 28th

LanningRoosterThe New Moon on January 29th falls in to 9th degree of Leo. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Forms With Their Controlled Breathing”. New Moons symbolize beginnings. Visualizing your goals and focusing on the steps to take will contribute to your success.  There is also a level of skill that comes to play. We’re talking about a becoming a crafts-person. The Sun and Moon in Aquarius are innovative. Stretch outside your normal routines.  At this stage in the game we know that in order to experience a “lucky break” we’ve got to be taking some chances, and betting on ourselves.

On the 29th Mercury, planet of ideas and communication, lines up with Pluto. Pluto can literally throw the baby out with the bathwater. Whatever you’re discarding, it could be extreme. With these two planets in Capricorn you could be rebuilding a career or home. Capricorn is the structure and bones of things. It can feel stark and necessary at the very same time. Maybe it’s simply business practices that have gone stale. Fresh ideas and new territory are calling to be explored. With Mars, the planet of action moving into Aries, we’re ready to spice things up. Aries energy gets your heart to race. It’s laugh out loud fun. Mostly because its a little dangerous and edgy. Then, on February 3rd, the relationship planet Venus also moves into Aries. Your companions will not be satisfied to sit behind a television. It’s time to get outdoors. Explore and brainstorm ways to move in life enhancing directions. February 5th the planet of expansion, Jupiter, starts a 5 month retrograde. This will give you a good window to get up to speed on projects and learn whatever is necessary. You’ll be set to launch your goals once this beneficial planet goes direct.

February 7th, Mercury heads into Aquarius, giving your social life the thumbs up. Mingle with new groups in your community or take a class that stretches your imagination. Expect the unexpected when the Sun sextiles Uranus on the 9th. Have plenty of paper on hand to jot down your flashes of insight. We’ll see you back here for news on the Lunar Eclipse on February 11th. For a closer look at how these influences will play out in your chart, call and schedule a session today!

Full Moon Forecast – January 2017


You’ve probably noticed the pace of life picking up since the communication planet, Mercury, went direct on the 8th. Information that was previously obscured is now revealed. As Mercury retraces those retrograded steps, we learn a bit more each day. When we reach a Sun/Moon opposition we’re observing progress, or lack thereof. The Full Moon on January 12th is in the 23rd degree of Cancer. Its Sabian Symbol is “The Meeting of a Study Group or Literary Society”. We know partnerships are key to success with Jupiter in Libra. Seeking the help and advice of others is a common theme. With Jupiter sextiling Saturn in Sagittarius, we have a mutual reception. It’s like having a stroke of luck…just when you need it most.

The Sabian Symbol of people meeting is encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone. Network. The ambitious Mars in Pisces is urging us to dream bigger on the 19th. Its square to task master Saturn is about working smarter, not harder. The Sun goes into inventive Aquarius on that same day. Aquarius is about group energy. Thinking far forward and flashes of insight are common with this sign. Write your goals down…and see them manifest even faster when you vision the outcome you expect. Personable Venus is sextiling Pluto on the 23rd. You’ll be able to attract like minded friends with just a glance. New Year and new connections. We’re also encouraged to stick to a realistic budget with value oriented Venus challenging Saturnian limits.  By the New Moon on the 27th you’ll have a much better understanding of the challenges you’ve been facing and how to you want to proceed. Idea making Mars helps us get the ball rolling by entering courageous Aries, right on the same day. Hey, better late than never. See you then.

New Moon Forecast – December 28, 2016






This Wednesday, the 28th of December, is the last New Moon of the year. It will launch us into 2017 with the Sabian Symbol degree 8 Capricorn: “Birds in the House Singing Happily.” This degree encourages us to embrace music and activities that lift our Spirits. It’s more than the mere act of singing. The vibrations and tone of music have the ability to shift our perspectives and heal emotional wounds. This shift can also be used to motivate. How many of you know the lyrics to the song, “Whistle while you work?”

The planet Venus moves into creative Pisces on the 2nd to carry this artistic theme further. Movies, theater and the arts all get the nod. Another outlet for our energy will be on the 5th… when the communication planet, Mercury, backs into adventurous Sagittarius. If you didn’t get away for the holiday, now’s your chance. And, whether literal or physical, a pioneering approach to problems will help with resolutions. Oh! Speaking of resolutions… while we’re scrambling to catch up or reorganize, it’s best to start your New Years resolutions after the 8th. That’s when the mischievous Mercury retrograde will turn direct.

We could feel quite a rumble in our plans as the transit Sun catches up to transformative Pluto around the 6th. World news is apt to be more explosive around the 8th when these planets intensify the air waves. This earth sign signature joins erratic Uranus in a tense aspect that urges us to mix up our routines. It also shocks us awake when Mercury goes direct. We’re surprised by political secrets that are uncovered with the Pluto/Mars square. To get to the high road this January, transformative Pluto requires grit and faith, Mars in Pisces, in ourselves. “Transform all thoughts that deplete you” B. Peters

This act takes true Mars courage, and it can change your world for the better. Until the Full Moon – Happy New Year.

Full Moon – December 13th 2016


The  Full Moon on December 13th is described by the Sabian Symbol degree of Gemini 23: “Three fledglings in a nest, high in a tree.” We may be proving something to ourselves, and the time is approaching to make significant changes. Soon we will aim for new horizons. Now is a time of preparation. With Venus, planet of values and relationships in Aquarius, we connect with people who help us transcend our current views. We’ll experience the last retrograde of Mercury this year on the 19th. It’s connection to Pluto in Capricorn cautions us to expect intense communications. Reversals and delays are the tip of the iceberg. Powerful people are connected to this signature in regards to bosses or upper management. We could feel like waking from a dream…only to realize we’re still in one! Pluto is connected to the archetypal Phoenix rising from the ashes. Let’s just hope Mars, planet of war, moving into Pisces is about compassion and not the crazy rebel looking for a fight. I would like to say this is an easy forecast, but the planet Uranus has been throwing curve balls into my reality ever since the election. I’ve noticed Saturn is holding a steady restraint on expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus. Since Jupiter and Uranus are in opposition we’re feeling like breaking free from unnecessary restrictions. Just don’t burn any bridges. Mercury retrograde doesn’t give us a green light to launch our plans until January 8th. No one said developing patience was easy, but you’ll thank me when you see how much time and energy you saved.

On the 22nd we can flex our creative muscles with the Uranus-Jupiter aspect of genius and farsightedness. You’ll have both insight and stamina to see a project through to completion. Once the Christmas holiday arrives we’re all too ready to disconnect from the rat race and settle in with family. The ongoing retrograde is reconnecting us, and the 28th promises to share additional information about an important project you’re exploring. Reviewing and double checking facts and figures will pay off. Saturn demands we forego the shortcut this time around. Rewards arrive later in the New Year. Until the New Moon… Happy Holidays.

New Moon – November 29th 2016


The New Moon on November 29th corresponds with the Sabian Symbol, 8 Sagittarius: “Deep Within the Depths of the Earth, New Elements are Being Formed.” From the surface it may appear as though nothing is happening, but transformation is edging your consciousness ever closer to creative expansion. Experience shapes us, and Sagittarius urges us to explore. We’re tracing over steps that will repeat once Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, so aim for an open minded view. Start this New Moon period with positive intentions, “Unexpected doors are open…unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways.” Linking positive emotions to your intentions will skyrocket their effect.

The Sun is squaring the Moon’s Nodal axis and you’re choosing either procrastination or a sense of accomplishment. Which feels better to you? The planet of Action, Mars, makes a stellar push to help us on the journey. Like minded friends will be just as excited as you to make the acquaintance. Mixing business with pleasure also links us to groups that support our long range goals. With Jupiter in Libra, collaboration fares much better than a “loan wolf” mentality. The planet Chiron is direct as on December 1st. Sometimes the best course toward healing and resolution is to forgive yourself your part and focus your energy on new visions. Send them love and focus on your inspiration. The expression that fits this energy is “if you’re in a hole…stop diggin” Cowboy Wisdom.

When the communication planet, Mercury, moves into Capricorn on Dec. 2nd it can slow your pace. Organization will be key to avoiding repetition. We have lots to be excited about this first week of the month. Mars, planet of creativity and ideas, is sparked by Uranus ingenuity. There’s no one exactly like you.  Let your talents shine. The relationship planet, Venus, is opening a path of spontaneity and fun starting on the 7th. Did I mention you have to leave the house? Accept invitations or start a new Meet-up group.

The Sun/Saturn conjunction brings a level of accountability and integrity to legal proceedings and contracts the second week. We’re only limited by trying to change the past… instead of creating future possibilities.  Again, were are choosing between the Moons Nodal axis of healthy habits: feeding the mind, or escapist, mind numbing patterns. Being true to yourself will mean stepping out of your comfort zone. New information surfaces mid-month to support your efforts.  Embrace possibility and you’re half way there.

November Full Moon 2016


Full Moon Report – November 14, 2016

The November Full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon from the animal’s preparation for the upcoming winter. We’re seeing it as a Super Moon as well. It’s not just the impressive size as it looms in the night sky that gets out attention. It lands on the Sabian Symbol 23 Taurus, “A Jewelry Shop Filled With the Most Magnificent Jewels”. The meaning of this astrological degree reminds us our most valued treasures are often the people in our lives. Jewelry and crystals reflect a level of beauty that shines from the inside out, and are symbolic of these people. The Full Moon is typically when we look at the progress we’ve made since the New Moon. The following two weeks are about releasing and gathering information about the next push forward. So, let’s examine what that means.

Mercury, planet of information, is challenging us to let go of destructive habit patterns and focus on new horizons. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result will keep us digging in the same hole. Networking and mentoring get us moving in directions that create far forward thinking and solutions. Neptune, planet of imagination and visioning, goes direct on the 19th. This period of stationing to reverse direction feels like walking on a plank through a fog. You have sure footing, but may not see a clear direction forward. Hang on to your ideas and set positive intentions. Affirmations will help. Being grateful for what we have in place and learning to trust life is all part of the journey.

Relationships take on new meaning as Saturn, responsibility, makes an evaluation of our current working and romantic status. It’s possible to gain support from unexpected quarters. Part of this aspect is letting go of anything that doesn’t support your forward momentum. The choices are stark with Saturn. Exhaustion or depression? Time to get busy…right? There’s no easy way around the changes ahead, but you have the reward of knowing you put your best foot forward. The 21st finds travel and new connections highlighted. That same day the Sun moves into Sagittarius, supporting a change of scene. This exploration will do wonders to recharge your battery. Embrace different views or cultures to expand the landscape in your mind.

The Jupiter Pluto square can seem like a see-saw. We’re trying to find the right balance between expansion and release. You’ve heard of throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Well, that image will remind you to keep the roots of your passion intact. Higher levels of information build on that treasured foundation. Recreation often helps us burn stress. The Sun’s connection to Mars urges us to flex our muscles and reeve up the bodies engine during the holiday. Getting outdoors and connecting with nature help balance body, mind and Spirit. Months end goes smoother than expected. Conversations hold a flavor of change and surprise. To stay connected in partnerships we can ask the deeper question: What is my motivation? The answer will proved you with the most congruent answer to heal past hurts. Share what you know as November comes to a close. Coaching or mentoring are sure ways to support others. Your words have a tremendous ability to motivate and appreciate the ones your care about.


New Moon October 30th 2016

Scorpio New Moon Forecast OCTOBER 30th

The New Moon is in the 8th degree of Scorpio on the 30th. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “The Silvery Moon Shining Across a Beautiful Gem of a Lake”. We’re looking in a mystical type mirror now. There is a sense of quiet and inner reflection. This is not a surface level experience. Scorpio energy demands we dive deep within our consciousness. Healing, honesty and truth work well under this New Moon, but anything less will fall short of the mark. As we move further into November listen to the inner voice. During the first week this New Moon trines Neptune. Dreams and visioning goals with the intended positive outcome is highlighted. The communication planet, Mercury, is in close proximity… you can perceive what is not being said in conversations. Or, tap into the emotions that lie behind words that others speak. Intentions will stand out more than what is being conveyed.

On the 5th, Venus, planet of relationships and values, will challenge Uranus. We can have a breakthrough in relationships or an unexpected connection that rocks our world. Stay open to flashes of insight that Uranus brings. We see seeds of change flowing to stagnant systems. The “Reality Check” lingering from the September eclipse will bring new ideas and groups together. With Venus (relationship/values) and Saturn connecting we feel lots of support for negotiations in the workplace. There could be a contract or project getting underway too… and the transit Sun is excited by Pluto’s transformational energy. This momentum keeps everyone on-track. Adjustments to an-others schedule are all part of the dance of give and receive.

Mars going into Aquarius on November 8th will bring out your inventive side. Group projects are given the green light. With Venus going into Capricorn on the 11th we’re hyper conscious of budgetary matters. Time to balance your accounts. Mercury, Planet of communication, moving into Sagittarius on the 12th will fill us with a restlessness to either travel or teach others what we know. Publishing is part of this cross-cultural exchange too. Writing gets the nod for expressing your opinion. If you are curious how this all plays out for Election Day, I would venture to say we’ll have an unexpected delay…possibly weather related. There’s no clear winner until mid-month. I’ll be back at the Full Moon for the rest of the story…