June Forecast 2017








June is usually viewed as the month vacations begin. It’s no wonder schools release staff and students for summer once the Sun moves into Gemini. This restless energy encourages us to travel through books and conversations. Whatever you choose, curiosity inspires us to gather information and experiences both mentally and physically. Connecting with family is just the tip of the iceberg, and travel opportunities appear out of nowhere.

The transiting Jupiter is kissed by the Moon on the 3rd. Unexpected news or information comes your way. Listen to your intuition to dispel fact from fiction. We feel a need to expand but until the 9th, when Jupiter turns direct, it’s best to postpone big launches.

The planet of action, Mars, moves into family oriented Cancer on the 4th. This combination is about taking the initiative to reach out. Just say yes to invitations. Since Mars is “out of bounds: until June 15th, it is inspiring our creative side. What inspires you? How can you balance work and play to find more joy in your life?

The Sun moving through Gemini will help you explore possibilities at the crossroads. We need a change of scene, a fresh perspective. Mercury (communication) is rich with synchronicity and challenges us to take the road less traveled. The transiting North Node in Leo fortifies your courage. Restlessness is the alternative.

February marked the beginning of expansive Jupiter’s retreat in Libra. We’ve had four months to re-group and focus our aim on new goals. June 9th is the green light to join others in the emerging arena. Did I mention it’s not a solo adventure? Yes – you need partnerships to brainstorm and share the journey. It would be a blunder to strike out on your own.

The new Moon, also on the 9th, is represented by the Sabian Symbol 19 Sagittarius. It speaks of experiences that call for a new way of life. Trust your instincts to move through necessary challenges. Nothing that truly inspires you can harm another. (1)

Until August we’ll feel the influence of the February eclipse. The “lucky break” and “events that can bring positive change into one’s life” (2) could be showing up now. If your goals don’t feel a bit risky it’s not Jupiter. Bet on yourself!

By June 13th we have a challenge to discern fact from fiction. It seems like we need more information or clarity. Saturn in opposition to the Sun, around the 15th, is about exposing anything that does not have integrity. The words and actions of authority figures must match, or it’s just another smoke screen.

Networking is a big theme for the first half of this month. With Mars in Cancer we’re bringing our emotions to the surface. Expressing what you feel is important. Are you responsive or reactive? The 18th brings unexpected contacts and surprising information. Reacting can keep you stuck in a pattern, where responding gives you a chance to think things through. What supports where you are now? What has changed? Realize you are not the same after navigating difficult experiences.

We’re maturing our voice and relationships the 21st through the 24th. Expect insights and transformative meetings to lead the way. One of my favorite movie lines is from “The Four Feathers”. After a long and grueling journey one friend asks the other, why he is still with him. His response, “God put you in my way”. Be mindful. Which role to you play?

Timing is often a blessing we don’t see coming. The 25th to 27th is rich with synchronicity. Find compassion in all your conversations, and remember the richness of listening. It’s often the emotion behind words that conveys the true message of the speaker.

Until July – enjoy the freedom of summer.


  • Barbara Peters, teacher and life-coach.
  • Bernadette Brady, Author of “The Eagle and the Lark”.