April Forecast 2017


Venus stationed direct on April 14th, after a long arduous review of relationships and values. Maybe this pause helped you shine a light where there was darkness, planting a seed of hope or change for new beginnings. While retrogrades are challenging, the growth they initiate in our consciousness can be transformative. Venus began its journey forward conjunct to Chiron. The planet Chiron is underestimated in terms of relationships. These two slowly working their way through your consciousness, help to uproot reactionary patterns of behavior. Since they are in Pisces, these patterns are being brought to the surface for examination. Are new opportunities presenting themselves? Has your creativity been jump started? Venus can also be the easy way out, and is often the planet tied to addictions. Change the habit by substituting a creative endeavor. Explore your senses instead of numbing them. Venus in Pisces calls the artist, dreamer and visionary to step forward. When she moves into Aries on the 28th you can positively initiate those ideas.

Today and tomorrow (April 19th/20th) will be the mid-point of the current Mercury retrograde. The next few days reveal what this review means for you. Mercury in Taurus ranges from financial concerns to values. Deep seated issues are being examined. How do your beliefs support your current circumstances? The Sabian Symbol for this degree is 1 Taurus “A clear mountain stream flows steadily downstream”. This suggest going with the flow, and the path of least resistance. Like water, the energy shifts to the circumstance. Discrimination is called to task because Mercury is taking on Virgo characteristics. Details come to light and we gain access to information that was previously hidden. How does our thinking support us? Fundamentally, Taurus rules the senses and basic needs. Are you living your life to the fullest? Do you have friends, love interests or a passion you’re pursuing? All these suggest being not only positive, but productive. Stay focused.

With Pluto stationing retrograde on the 20th, the same theme is carried forward. We have an opportunity to transform areas of our life that have become stagnant. The decanate of 20 Capricorn is ruled by Virgo. Is there something you can teach or mentor to others? What causes you to “give up” on your ideas? How can you be of service or a help to others? This may be the most reflective time we’ve experienced in a while. Even Saturn has turned inward (April 5th) and will remain retrograde until August 25th. What needs to be restructured in your life? Where are you being tested to expand and claim more for yourself? This last question will be answered once Jupiter goes direct in mid-June. Until then, we’re gathering new pieces to the puzzle and visioning the next steps. Don’t be afraid to dream big.  June 9th launches us in new directions and I’ll elaborate more once we hit that time-frame.

Until the New Moon on April 26th, let go of things that no longer serve your growth. This includes what others project onto us and habits that don’t support us. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is 7 Taurus: “The women of Samaria comes to draw water from Jacob’s well” Examine where you might hold a prejudice and ask if it fits for the time we’re living now. Are these ideas supportive of your social and spiritual integrity? Your beliefs shape future generations. Let it be peace and not hate that carries us forward. Until May… sending light and love.