New Moon Forecast – December 28, 2016






This Wednesday, the 28th of December, is the last New Moon of the year. It will launch us into 2017 with the Sabian Symbol degree 8 Capricorn: “Birds in the House Singing Happily.” This degree encourages us to embrace music and activities that lift our Spirits. It’s more than the mere act of singing. The vibrations and tone of music have the ability to shift our perspectives and heal emotional wounds. This shift can also be used to motivate. How many of you know the lyrics to the song, “Whistle while you work?”

The planet Venus moves into creative Pisces on the 2nd to carry this artistic theme further. Movies, theater and the arts all get the nod. Another outlet for our energy will be on the 5th… when the communication planet, Mercury, backs into adventurous Sagittarius. If you didn’t get away for the holiday, now’s your chance. And, whether literal or physical, a pioneering approach to problems will help with resolutions. Oh! Speaking of resolutions… while we’re scrambling to catch up or reorganize, it’s best to start your New Years resolutions after the 8th. That’s when the mischievous Mercury retrograde will turn direct.

We could feel quite a rumble in our plans as the transit Sun catches up to transformative Pluto around the 6th. World news is apt to be more explosive around the 8th when these planets intensify the air waves. This earth sign signature joins erratic Uranus in a tense aspect that urges us to mix up our routines. It also shocks us awake when Mercury goes direct. We’re surprised by political secrets that are uncovered with the Pluto/Mars square. To get to the high road this January, transformative Pluto requires grit and faith, Mars in Pisces, in ourselves. “Transform all thoughts that deplete you” B. Peters

This act takes true Mars courage, and it can change your world for the better. Until the Full Moon – Happy New Year.

Full Moon – December 13th 2016


TheĀ  Full Moon on December 13th is described by the Sabian Symbol degree of Gemini 23: “Three fledglings in a nest, high in a tree.” We may be proving something to ourselves, and the time is approaching to make significant changes. Soon we will aim for new horizons. Now is a time of preparation. With Venus, planet of values and relationships in Aquarius, we connect with people who help us transcend our current views. We’ll experience the last retrograde of Mercury this year on the 19th. It’s connection to Pluto in Capricorn cautions us to expect intense communications. Reversals and delays are the tip of the iceberg. Powerful people are connected to this signature in regards to bosses or upper management. We could feel like waking from a dream…only to realize we’re still in one! Pluto is connected to the archetypal Phoenix rising from the ashes. Let’s just hope Mars, planet of war, moving into Pisces is about compassion and not the crazy rebel looking for a fight. I would like to say this is an easy forecast, but the planet Uranus has been throwing curve balls into my reality ever since the election. I’ve noticed Saturn is holding a steady restraint on expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus. Since Jupiter and Uranus are in opposition we’re feeling like breaking free from unnecessary restrictions. Just don’t burn any bridges. Mercury retrograde doesn’t give us a green light to launch our plans until January 8th. No one said developing patience was easy, but you’ll thank me when you see how much time and energy you saved.

On the 22nd we can flex our creative muscles with the Uranus-Jupiter aspect of genius and farsightedness. You’ll have both insight and stamina to see a project through to completion. Once the Christmas holiday arrives we’re all too ready to disconnect from the rat race and settle in with family. The ongoing retrograde is reconnecting us, and the 28th promises to share additional information about an important project you’re exploring. Reviewing and double checking facts and figures will pay off. Saturn demands we forego the shortcut this time around. Rewards arrive later in the New Year. Until the New Moon… Happy Holidays.