New Moon – November 29th 2016


The New Moon on November 29th corresponds with the Sabian Symbol, 8 Sagittarius: “Deep Within the Depths of the Earth, New Elements are Being Formed.” From the surface it may appear as though nothing is happening, but transformation is edging your consciousness ever closer to creative expansion. Experience shapes us, and Sagittarius urges us to explore. We’re tracing over steps that will repeat once Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th, so aim for an open minded view. Start this New Moon period with positive intentions, “Unexpected doors are open…unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways.” Linking positive emotions to your intentions will skyrocket their effect.

The Sun is squaring the Moon’s Nodal axis and you’re choosing either procrastination or a sense of accomplishment. Which feels better to you? The planet of Action, Mars, makes a stellar push to help us on the journey. Like minded friends will be just as excited as you to make the acquaintance. Mixing business with pleasure also links us to groups that support our long range goals. With Jupiter in Libra, collaboration fares much better than a “loan wolf” mentality. The planet Chiron is direct as on December 1st. Sometimes the best course toward healing and resolution is to forgive yourself your part and focus your energy on new visions. Send them love and focus on your inspiration. The expression that fits this energy is “if you’re in a hole…stop diggin” Cowboy Wisdom.

When the communication planet, Mercury, moves into Capricorn on Dec. 2nd it can slow your pace. Organization will be key to avoiding repetition. We have lots to be excited about this first week of the month. Mars, planet of creativity and ideas, is sparked by Uranus ingenuity. There’s no one exactly like you.  Let your talents shine. The relationship planet, Venus, is opening a path of spontaneity and fun starting on the 7th. Did I mention you have to leave the house? Accept invitations or start a new Meet-up group.

The Sun/Saturn conjunction brings a level of accountability and integrity to legal proceedings and contracts the second week. We’re only limited by trying to change the past… instead of creating future possibilities.  Again, were are choosing between the Moons Nodal axis of healthy habits: feeding the mind, or escapist, mind numbing patterns. Being true to yourself will mean stepping out of your comfort zone. New information surfaces mid-month to support your efforts.  Embrace possibility and you’re half way there.

November Full Moon 2016


Full Moon Report – November 14, 2016

The November Full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon from the animal’s preparation for the upcoming winter. We’re seeing it as a Super Moon as well. It’s not just the impressive size as it looms in the night sky that gets out attention. It lands on the Sabian Symbol 23 Taurus, “A Jewelry Shop Filled With the Most Magnificent Jewels”. The meaning of this astrological degree reminds us our most valued treasures are often the people in our lives. Jewelry and crystals reflect a level of beauty that shines from the inside out, and are symbolic of these people. The Full Moon is typically when we look at the progress we’ve made since the New Moon. The following two weeks are about releasing and gathering information about the next push forward. So, let’s examine what that means.

Mercury, planet of information, is challenging us to let go of destructive habit patterns and focus on new horizons. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result will keep us digging in the same hole. Networking and mentoring get us moving in directions that create far forward thinking and solutions. Neptune, planet of imagination and visioning, goes direct on the 19th. This period of stationing to reverse direction feels like walking on a plank through a fog. You have sure footing, but may not see a clear direction forward. Hang on to your ideas and set positive intentions. Affirmations will help. Being grateful for what we have in place and learning to trust life is all part of the journey.

Relationships take on new meaning as Saturn, responsibility, makes an evaluation of our current working and romantic status. It’s possible to gain support from unexpected quarters. Part of this aspect is letting go of anything that doesn’t support your forward momentum. The choices are stark with Saturn. Exhaustion or depression? Time to get busy…right? There’s no easy way around the changes ahead, but you have the reward of knowing you put your best foot forward. The 21st finds travel and new connections highlighted. That same day the Sun moves into Sagittarius, supporting a change of scene. This exploration will do wonders to recharge your battery. Embrace different views or cultures to expand the landscape in your mind.

The Jupiter Pluto square can seem like a see-saw. We’re trying to find the right balance between expansion and release. You’ve heard of throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Well, that image will remind you to keep the roots of your passion intact. Higher levels of information build on that treasured foundation. Recreation often helps us burn stress. The Sun’s connection to Mars urges us to flex our muscles and reeve up the bodies engine during the holiday. Getting outdoors and connecting with nature help balance body, mind and Spirit. Months end goes smoother than expected. Conversations hold a flavor of change and surprise. To stay connected in partnerships we can ask the deeper question: What is my motivation? The answer will proved you with the most congruent answer to heal past hurts. Share what you know as November comes to a close. Coaching or mentoring are sure ways to support others. Your words have a tremendous ability to motivate and appreciate the ones your care about.