Monthly Forecast March 2016

The first days of March are marked by the Sun’s passage over the dreamy planet Neptune, in Pisces. This contact enhances our intuitive nature. The communication planet, Mercury, also enters the visionary sign of Pisces on the 5th. Utilize dream time to enhance your goals. Journaling dreams can be very insightful. Missing pieces of information float into our awareness when we use this technique. There’s something magic about Neptune. Ideas appear when we take our attention off problems and allow daydreaming. Maybe that’s why we sometimes forget why we entered a room…we’re needing more time to imagine.

The Sun challenges us to confront any limits (Saturn) as we approach the dynamic energy of Mars into expansive Sagittarius. Restlessness can be squelched by getting outdoors and moving your energy. Tackling long range plans and questioning how to claim more for ourselves involves being more assertive than aggressive. Mind over matter. The approaching Solar Eclipse on the 9th is flavored with the Sabian Symbol, 19 Pisces, “A Master Instructing His Disciple”. This period is about teaching and learning. Since a huge percent of what we say is non-verbal, stay tuned to actions that speak louder than words. You may want to pay special attention to motivation too. Learning to trust intuition is key to synchronicity, and being at the right place at just the right time. Venus enters Pisces on the 12th and inspires our artistic nature. Whether you paint, sing, dance or are just an enthusiast…enjoy the surge of creative inspiration. Listening is paramount as curious Mercury inspires an economy of words, and hurls transformative messages your way mid-month.

Around the 19th the Sun moves into energetic Aries. Time to initiate relationship connections and socialize. Enhancing your style or wardrobe is the theme. Restless Mercury in Aries guarantees to get you out and about with short trips. Outdoor activities keep you feeling your best on the 21st.

The second eclipse this month occurs on the 23rd. This Lunar Eclipse is tied to the Sabian Symbol, 4 Libra, “A Group of Young People Sit in Spiritual Communion Around a Campfire”. This speaks of meeting with like minded friends. Nature brings out our best, and is a wonderful break from technology. The mood of connection and heartfelt conversations can spread of blanket of healing for all to share. Both March eclipses carry the energy of endings and separations. However that plays out in your circle, we’re comforted by friends and family.

Saturn will turn retrograde March 25th and travel for almost 5 months before returning to direct motion. That gives us plenty of time for internal re-structuring. Businesses will feel this energy because it rules their environment. Downsizing and mergers will be common-place during Saturn’s long passage back through the Sagittarian degrees. Revisiting commitments and schedules are all part of the work we must tackle. Feng Shui would be an asset to anyone during this reorganizing trek. For the last week of this month, reflect on all you have to be grateful for. Keeping a to-do list will be an asset for night owls. With so much going on…you may have to schedule sleep! Until next month.