Monthly Forecast February 2016

February calls our attention to the Sun moving through Aquarius. We’re reminded to stay true to our individuality and unique talents. We excel in our own way through interests, connections and communication. The highlight this first week is the information planet Mercury traveling hand-in-hand with transformational Pluto in Capricorn. Organizing and prioritizing activities will be part of your task. With the relationship planet Venus joining this combination on the 5th, expect hidden or significant information to surface in relation to public figures. Business and economic trends could make headlines both here and abroad. Pluto and Venus together make a super aspect for big money and financial gain. The 9th and 10th are excellent days for moving projects forward. Expansive Jupiter lends a helpful hand from mentors and service professionals alike.

Our sexual energy could be running quite high with assertive Mars traveling through sexy Scorpio. Taking pride in your appearance is just half the equation. Pursuing physical activity or sports will help alleviate stress. Scorpio is the sign of jointly held resources. Mars highlights assertive action you may experience in relation to insurance and taxes. The latter is especially highlighted if you’re expecting a return this year.

Other people may need to weigh in before you get the thumbs up on a project around the 11th. Your ideas or creative insight is put on the back burner. When informative Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 14th, you could receive a surprise invitation or message. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so enjoy the extra attention. As a side note…you could be the one delivering the surprise. Venus enters Aquarius on the 17th and ushers in unique connections involving ties in the community. Spending money to update your style could be just what you need. Investing in yourself will boost your confidence and draw peers to you in short order.

On the 19th the Sun moves into dreamy Pisces. Maybe you feel a need for more quiet during this last half of the month. Music and reflection will be more productive than numbing with escapist substances and television. What insight can you gain that is only reached with silence? Dreams are within your grasp and teach you through symbolic sight. This Neptune energy is buzzing as information flows when you surrender and listen to the voice within. The 26th and 27th are days when your efforts start to materialize. You have the support of determined Saturn expanding your horizons and creative Venus in the inventive sign of Aquarius. The ongoing quincunx between Uranus in courageous Aries promises lots of adjustments as expansive Jupiter in exacting Virgo tweaks the details of plans. Until next month…

Monthly Forecast January 2016

Welcome to 2016. If you haven’t made your New Year resolutions you’ll have plenty of time to revisit them when the planet of information, Mercury, goes retrograde January 5 – 26th. Meanwhile, the planet of action, Mars, lands in its natural home of Scorpio on the 2nd. It’s contact with Mercury in innovative Aquarius challenges us to stretch our ideas and think outside the box. Back up your electronic devices and tune up your vehicles to prepare. Frankly, this time-out helps us catch up from the hectic holiday season. It’s not the time to initiate new starts. Marketing would not be wise either. Just give it until the 26th when Mercury resumes its direct motion and save the headache. Setting goals and planning are definitely on the agenda. Strict Saturn joins partner oriented Venus the 7th through the 9th. You’ll have plenty of stamina to finish creative projects. Neptune prods us to loosen the reigns on rigid ideas and keep an open heart. Changes in leadership may surprise you as unpredictable Uranus squares Pluto and the Sun around this time-frame.

Delays and adjustments continue with the weather as we plan our year ahead. Jupiter, the planet of expansion is retrograde until early May. We have to be more diligent and focused. This particular retrograde is an examination of your beliefs and how you manifest them. How do you coach yourself? Are you critical or encouraging? What skill set or connections do you need to further your ambitions? Since determined Saturn entered goal oriented Sagittarius, these same questions are on our radar. Sagittarius is higher education and reaching beyond the normal boundaries of language and country. Venus’ contact with Saturn on the 8th – 9th can literally put people on our path. Yes, look away from the cell phone and have conversations with those around you. There’s something rich about information shared by others now. The challenge is not to let them slip by.

The New Moon on the 9th flavors the whole month with the Sabian Symbol of 20 Capricorn. A Hidden Choir Singing During a Religious Service. We’re honing our intuition. How do you learn to trust the inner voice? Do you meditate? Can you act on the information you receive when its coming from thin air? The more we can…the more Spirit grown us. One congruence at a time. You’ll also feel communicative Mercury backing into methodical Capricorn. Letting go of un-necessary distractions will help you tackle the tasks at hand. Flashes of insight are possible around the 12th when creative Venus sparks the genius of Uranus. You’ll have deeper insight on the meaning of the Mercury retrograde January 13th – 14th , so pay attention to information that feels fated in some way. Because of the nodal connection it feels karmic. Are you reviving something from the past?

The Sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th. The load may feel lighter, even though the responsibilities have not changed that much. Intense messages arrive on the 22nd, when a little advice goes a long way. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Venus moving into Capricorn on the 24th can boost your career image. Maybe your wardrobe or hairdo could use an update? The full Moon will reflect the community and our place in it. By the 26th the planet of communication goes direct. It’s station to volatile Pluto will continue until February 1st. We could see sweeping changes in our global economy around this time. Until next month…