Monthly Forecast November 2015

We start November with a boost to our intuitive nature. There is a grand-trine with the Scorpio Sun, Moon in Cancer and visionary Neptune in Pisces. This emotional energy allows us to feel our way through any difficult situation. The Sun and Mercury in penetrating Scorpio help us uncover information and find deeper meaning behind recent changes. Scorpio doesn’t settle for surface level communications. You hear what’s behind the words being spoken, and understand the emotional meaning instead of what’s being said. Awareness of this new perception enhances your confidence in this area.

The creative planet, Venus, moves into Libra and contacts the North and South Nodes on November 7 – 8th. Connections you make then have a feeling of synchronicity. The opportunity to click with like minded people is rich. Informative Mercury and creative Venus transiting together usher in a new cycle of relating. Adjusting to other peoples ideas and visions will keep you on your toes.

The New Moon falls in Scorpio on the 11th. “Say what you mean, mean what you say, without being mean when you say it,” I think Meryl Runyon’s quote sums this cycle up perfectly… especially when decisive Mars moves into Libra the next day. This ambitious energy encourages us to set clear boundaries with others. Mars is competitive, but it’s traveling closely with the relationship planet, Venus. We need partnership to carry our plans forward. Ambition is holding hands with creative inspiration. Coming up with ideas to do things differently is not the problem. The long view is deciding what we can let go of in the name of efficiency. Taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius is about cautious expansion. The wheels are greased but the bumps in the road call for a braking mechanism.

When the communication planet, Mercury, flies into Sagittarius on the 20th, a restlessness sets in. Travel and short, long distance trips are definitely part of the equation. When we pair the Sun moving into Sagittarius as well, the connections with Saturn hold us to a standard of congruence and integrity. Jupiter is well known as the coach, and the life preserver of the zodiac when it comes to telling it so we can “let it in”.  Saturn in Sagittarius is a bit more constrained. You have to earn even the faintest kudos for your effort. When mental Mercury joins this mix we start by honing our language skills for effectiveness. The organizational quality of these planets team up on the 23rd. Get your ideas lined up and plan a vision for your future.

The full Moon on the 25th is emphasized as the Sun catches up to Saturn. We finally have enough information to move forward, and knowledge from recent experience to make concrete decisions. Assistance is available when we’re vulnerable enough to ask. The expansive Jupiter in Virgo energy is garnering a fresh insight. We’re learning how people in the community and workplace fill important roles to move us forward and vice versa. That’s the high end of Virgo service…sustained in a way that a person going solo would be struggling to match. We finish November with a journey that gets us to claim more of our individuality in the fray. Flashes of insight are possible on the 29th-30th with a final grand-trine in Fire signs (between innovative Uranus, telepathic Mercury and the creative Leo Moon). There’s no time like the present! Until next month…