Monthly Forecast October 2015

I’m guessing the reflective energy of this informative Mercury retrograde has felt a bit overwhelming at times. Since Sept. 27th the review of relationships and communications is in effect. The recent Lunar Eclipse on the 27th was about helping us expand our awareness. But, the reflective retrograde holds that expansion at bay as internal scrutiny. Also, it takes on an exacting perception of daily events. Today, Sept. 30th brings more clarity about the ongoing Mercury Retrograde review. Using our natural gifts and exploring a different perspective all contribute to our evolving knowledge.

The first week of October is full of challenges and adjustments. We need to organize and prioritize our time. Relationships can unearth the deepest wound to be examined and healed. I’m reminded of the second of The Four Agreements – “Don’t Take Anything Personally”. Our beliefs and the way we operate in the world are shifting. On October 8th talks with authority figures will start to open doors that were previously closed. This change in the flow of energy may feel a bit like opening a floodgate. October 9th the communication planet, Mercury, will move forward again…allowing us to implement those lessons that patience revealed. When the relationship planet,Venus, moves into Virgo this same week, we’re more exacting about who we confide in. You could be taking a conservative approach to dealing with others. Contracts will need an extra set of eyes to catch details in fine print. Opportunity could seem larger than life around the 11th. When expansive Jupiter contacts transformative Pluto, your energy will be at an all time high. But, you may not meet the demands you put on yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.

The New Moon is partnering with spontaneous Uranus on the 13th. According to the Sabian Symbol for this degree, we’re being reminded of the “changing relevance” of our wisdom and need to remain open to how we apply it in everyday life. Circumstances can often change who we are in both negative and positive ways. This knee-jerk reaction often pulls us toward negativity instead of optimism. Uranus here frees us to choose again. Reflect. Your values may teeter-totter until you come home to your true nature.

The best day to accomplish your goals this month is October 20th. Energetically, whatever you put your energy behind garners support. Call in favors or simply indulge in the company of like minded neighbors or co-workers. Transformation is high on the list the last week of this month. You can definitely complete a difficult task. With so many planets in Virgo, you’re sure to meet deadlines on time. Don’t let perfectionism ruin a perfectly good team-effort. Remember to notice what’s right!

The shift of the North Node into this same craftsman like sign of Virgo will be edging us to do our best in the work/health arena. Get Moving!…is the catch phrase. Just sitting there is like continuing to dig a hole when you are already in one. Move your energy and network where your can be of service to others. Saturn, the taskmaster, is encouraging us to muster the energy and motivation to step outside a comfort zone. Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Engage others. The next great contributing idea could come from you. Saturn in Sagittarius for the next 2 ½ years is about expanding awareness and letting go of obsolete systems. Every day presents an opportunity to know something different from the day before. Letting go of stagnant beliefs is just the beginning of the adventure. Until November….

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