Monthly Forecast September 2015

The Sun is now streaming through the sign of Virgo. Happy Birthday to the wonderful people that are celebrating. Without them, we wouldn’t have the craftsman like quality that distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary. This energy in your own chart won’t let you settle for second rate. Pushing to deliver your very best is what’s required. Now that expansive Jupiter is in this same sign (Virgo), the discrimination to choose what’s in our best interest is magnified.

Venus, the planet of relationship and values, has been retrograde since late July. If you’ve blown your budget or noticed old friends showing up, that’s part of the review. She will turn direct September 6th. This shift gives us a chance to implement creative ideas and form relationships more in-line with our evolving style. I’ll compare Venus retrograde to a food allergy… suddenly, you can’t tolerate a relationship or connection. It’s no longer worth the compromise to endure the discord or the buttons it pushes. The saving grace is that you’re not a celebrity, so the tabloid won’t be spewing about the split. That’s right…more relationships dissolve with this signature than any other. Let’s hope you didn’t tie the knot during this 6 week period. It’s not the best time to lay a foundation.

The Solar Eclipse on the 12th falls in 20 degrees of Virgo. Because of the Uranian connection it promises to be a doozie. Sudden, unexpected disruptions and adjustments connected to health and the environment are highlighted. Eclipse influences are felt from a few weeks to a lifetime depending on how they connect to your natal chart.

Once the dust settles from the relationship review, the communication planet Mercury goes retrograde. From the 17th through October 9th we’re revisiting conversations and decisions. We’re still gathering information and the delay of Mercury can be to our advantage. Adjustments and shifts will test your patience. Realizing you don’t have enough information to proceed will help you cool your heels. No fear, life is a learning process, and maybe a bruised ego or two. Humility is the watchword. No one is walking on water… even the top dogs make mistakes. Take it in stride and realize how the knowledge sinks in because of it.

The sky is ablaze with additional planetary shifts this month. Saturn, the disciplinarian also moves into goal oriented Sagittarius on the 17th. This task oriented influence likes to delegate and organize. We could be holding our partnerships to a higher standard. Saturn will be in Sagittarius for close to 3 years. It will push you to expand and explore. Levels of awareness are accessed methodically. The last week of the month transformational Pluto stations direct. An interesting side note is how hidden material often comes to light with this reversal. Let’s hope your presidential hopeful can survive the exposure around the 24th.

The Sun and Mercury connect on the 25th. We welcome information that helps us navigate the on-going retrograde. Something is brought to light and we’re ready to accept assistance. Libra energy is reflecting renewed ideas and insights through a variety of planets. There is a second eclipse to close this quarter. Bernadette Brady explains that both this month’s eclipses are associated with a series of eclipses that “require the expenditure of effort. The flavor is one of physical concern.” Take care and be aware of your surroundings and we’ll see you in October!