Monthly Forecast August 2015

This month is cause for a bit of celebration in the business sector. The planet that rules the bones of those businesses (Saturn) turns direct August 1st. Expansion has been on hold while details of organization and efficiency were scrutinized. This new information can now be implemented. The last vital piece is the financial framework. With the current value oriented planet Venus, retrograding through September 6th …larger expenses need justification before moving forward. We tend to over-value items during this time-frame. Venus will be backing into Leo, highlighting investments that involve children and creative ventures. Watch out for the momentary high of retail-therapy, which quickly turns into buyers remorse. Keep the receipt!

The Solar emphasis in fun loving Leo connects us with both friends and family. Squeak out every ounce of fun and laughter this August. Work projects get an extra dose of support with expansive Jupiter going into detail oriented Virgo on the 11th. This switch of signs gives Jupiter the uncanny ability to support mentoring and health related goals. We see advancements in medicine, health-care and the world of our four legged friends too. This could be a gold rush of sorts for the entrepreneurs out there. Small business gets a shot in the arm with this energy. It’s time for hard work to pay off, and the feeling is less risky with Virgo practicality to temper it. Powerful Pluto connecting to outspoken Mercury has business professionals and other mentors offering plenty of free advice.

Originality and inventiveness spring from connections with partners around the 20th. Going solo is not in your best interest now. Put your creative foot forward and do your best. Synchronicity is rich with meetings the last week of August. Restlessness plays a part in connecting you with new friends. Two heads are definitely better than one when intellectual Mercury goes into partnership oriented Libra on the 27th. We’re winding down to resume a more structured schedule the end of August. Lets hope you’re routine is carried forward with a sense of play and laughter. Incorporate the joy you’ve experienced in moments of connection this summer. As Florence Shinn would say, “Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good.”

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Venus Retrograde July 25th – September 6th 2015

What exactly does Venus Retrograde mean? Sounds a bit exotic right? Venus, the goddess of love is looking back. Let’s get in present time. This is an inside job. I mean… the values and ideas we normally project on the world are doing a u-turn. That’s right… you’re taking you’re own council. Between July 25th and September 6th, this introversion gives us a lot to examine. It’s not just about tapping into memories of love lost and misguided connections. These people are actually showing up! Since you’ve had some time to experience other partner/relationships, the perspective may be somewhat shocking. Have you really grown that much? Or have they? Only you have the answer about navigating these value oriented waters. And you’re proving yourself to yourself. Check your heart rate around them.

We can never isolate a single astrological aspect without examining what else is sharing the space in our consciousness. You could be reviewing a current commitment or almost ready for a serious one to begin. With Venus in discriminating Virgo, practicality is on the high end of necessity. When we look through a darker lens, we’re just nit-picky and critical. Impossible standards… at best. August 2nd – 4th Venus pairs up with expansive Jupiter and we want to throw caution to the wind. This is reminiscent of a spontaneous road trip. Adjusting to the psychological side of power trips (no pun intended) or dissolving them helps you move forward.

The communication planet, Mercury, assists adventurous Jupiter to help us claim more for ourselves. We find (Mars) courage to add a healthy dose of (Leo) creativity into the mix. Partnerships come in all forms. We need connection to see through and around the details of projects. Mid-August, the energizing Sun pushes us into the spotlight. Work each day on even the smallest detail of bringing yourself closer to your intentions. Keep your eye on the goal. Once Venus stations to turn direct (August 30 – Sept. 6) you’ll have mustered the courage to shine, and have a collection of pearls from the flashback. “Values” (Venus) that were only revealed by getting off course are now yours. Sometimes a detour can be a blessing in disguise.

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July Forecast 2015

We embrace the first week of July with hope and optimism. Expansive Jupiter and creative Venus are together in fun loving Leo. Whether you choose to take time off or pursue a challenging goal, efforts produce results this month. And, innovative Uranus supports creative risks now. The energetic charge is at an all time high.

Your inner voice gets louder as the communication planet, Mercury, moves into intuitive Cancer. (July 8th – 23rd ) You may begin to notice how quickly your internal knowing speaks up… almost seconds before you hear information audibly. These summer aspects are molding our inner whispers to discern and embrace awakening senses. There is a new responsiveness we claim with the recognition of this internal development. Words carry our thoughts and ideas. The awakened self hears the inaudible.

Disciplinary Saturn encourages us to simplify life by releasing accumulated items. These items can be material or beliefs that no longer stand the test of time. Any partnerships that are stagnant will feel a growth spurt during mid-July. Perhaps there are aspects of relating that you’ve outgrown. It will be apparent now. This could include finding a new sense of self worth. With expansive Jupiter creating a reflective pause with maturing Saturn, we can realize ever so slowly how the outer world no longer supports the inner. Change may be delayed… but change you must to avoid the depression that settles in from staying in a well worn rut. Although familiarity may feel safe, it does not produce growth, spontaneity and the magic that accompanies feelings of challenge and accomplishment.

Flashes of insight (Uranus square Mars) the last week of July, will water your seeds of inventiveness. Then, transformative (Pluto) energies help us release final bits of destructive relating patterns as July fades into August. We claim our authenticity as we release old habits (Mars in Cancer) and get our energy in present time.