Monthly Forecast June 2015

We start the month in the midst of yet another Mercury Retrograde. Utilizing this energy to your advantage is not for the faint at heart. You must dig deep into your preconceived ideas and opinions. What’s still true about you? What do you tell yourself when faced with a challenge? Mercury is all about types of communication. When it’s retrograde we take on Virgo (discriminating) energy. How do your perceptions need to mature? Saturn’s “grow-up” influence is opposing how you talk to yourself. How do you let yourself off the hook when it comes to responsibilities…. or something that is difficult to do? Running down the street naked might seem easier than facing your inner child in this area. The last days of May (30-31st) bring information to help us navigate to the end of this reflective cycle. (June 11th)

June 1st is launched with a burst of energy. Mars (planet of action) is beyond restless in the sign of Gemini. Look for new ways to move your body and explore the world around you. Gemini energy is spontaneous. Like a butterfly moving from flower to flower… there’s something new around every corner. If we can apply a simple affirmation to match the energy it might sound like this… “The unexpected happens, Happy surprises are now released in perfect ways.”

Venus (the relationship planet) is moving into creative Leo on the 5th,urging us to explore our connections with others. If there was ever a summer to embrace you passion, this is it. More about her retrograde next month! Expansive Jupiter is waiting patiently for Venus’ creative push. Once these two connect, we have a magic wand to transform ideas into reality. The only caution would be letting this good juju slide by. Don’t be the one that gives in to self-doubt or a “tomorrow” attitude. Intellectual Jupiter sparks with inventive Uranus on the 17th. Originality and bold moves are just a taste of the nudges you’ll experience mid-month. And you thought life had no more surprises up its sleeve! Tests of courage and spontaneity help you step into new arenas. You can take the spectators seat too. Free will means just that. But, like the movie lines of Harold & Maude, “if you don’t get on the field…you’ve got nothing to talk about in the locker room.”

On the 21st the Sun makes its yearly trek into nurturing Cancer. This calming placement will help you digest the energizing past weeks. You could be making adjustments in the home or strengthening family ties. There’s a kind of Midas touch when value oriented Venus connects with risk taking Jupiter on the 23rd. Tap into whatever creative inspiration moves you…music, song, dance and especially travel.

Nothing broadens our perspective quite like seeing other cultures and communities. Synchronicity is thick when you embrace your adventurous side. With perceptive Mercury and dutiful Mars connecting in Cancer… your intuition is better than the nose on a dog. Trust your inner voice when tackling a difficult project. You have the mental stamina to realize a long range goal. Putting one foot in front of the other is often the best way to start.

You’ll have plenty of creative inspiration to carry you through the 30th. We never know who will be a link to surmount the next hurtle. Underestimating what is possible is our biggest challenge. When you utter an affirmation… listen closely to your (Mercury/Neptune) intuitive voice for cues. And, when you get the response a split second later… you’re on track! Take a deep breath and anticipate what you want to manifest.

“God makes a way where there is no way, under Grace.” Until next month…

Monthly Forecast May 2015

The Sun moved into Taurus, April 20th bringing our focus on values and finances. From the values perspective… what do you need? This isn’t just a financial question. Think of it on a feeling level. Taurus gets us back in our body. We may need better nutrition or to move our body and get more sun. The Full Moon, May 3rd ,reflects the past weeks. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is about restoring connections. When lines of communication are repaired, we have an opportunity to be more effective. The communication planet, Mercury, is now back in it’s home sign of curious Gemini. The pace quickens with all forms of networking, writing and travel. Watch glazing over details with this frenzied activity. This three week period marks the same territory Mercury will retrace once retrograde. Now is the time to catch critical mistakes and double check our work. You can be sure that a restlessness will permeate the months activities. Even though mufti-tasking is tempting… single focus will accomplish more now.

Venus will end her travel through Gemini on May 7th. When this soothing planet enters Cancer, it highlights the home. Family and children are prominent. We are nurturing our nest and may beautify our surroundings in some way too. Painting, buying new furnishings or planting a garden all qualify. While action oriented Mars is still in Taurus the first week of May, we have less inclination to initiate new projects. By May 11th, the excess energy is apparent with rambunctious Mars in Gemini and we’re adding projects and juggling responsibilities. The phrase “There’s no time like the present,” can seize us as we navigate new waters. You can develop a bit of courage by unleashing your thoughts and ideas too! The New Moon on the 17th is reflective of the 27th degree of Taurus. “Unexpected recovery of romance”. This phase is about second chances and starting over. With this in mind…Mercury begins its retrograde, May 20th until June 11. Slowing down now may seem like a huge oxymoron. If you can take care of what you’ve set in motion, and wait to add new projects or sign important papers until Mercury goes direct… things tend to go smoother. The Sun will be entering Gemini on the 21st and you’ll have plenty of ideas to review. We’re feeling the pressure to be realistic and consider limitations. Developing a little patience can relieve the frustration of expecting too much. With ambitious Jupiter in Leo, we’re still very optimistic about the creative side of life. Whatever hobby or interest keeps nagging away at you… carve out some time to engage it. A balanced life has more than one focus. Part of your adjustment with expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto is learning how to play again. Like dancing like no one is watching, or singing really loud in the car with the windows rolled down. When is the last time you just laughed uncontrollably? That’s the edge we want. There is as much healing in laughter as in tears.

Saturn is moving slowly backwards through Sagittarius. Lessons from the past are repeated or examined. We’re encouraged to find our voice with challenges. Maybe the best outcome is agreeing to disagree. The other wild card this month is Uranus in spontaneous Aries. It’s easy trine to fun-loving Jupiter has unexpected surprises coming our way. If we look with wonder at what is before us… there is always a newness to the most ordinary of days. Lastly, imaginative Neptune is inspiring us to dream big and hold our visions for the future. Until next month…