Monthly Forecast April 2015

Today is the second eclipse of 2015 associated with success in group projects, or personal relationships. With the fortunate planet, Jupiter, about to station direct, we have lots of support to move plans forward. Creativity is high with a line-up of planets in idea oriented Aries. The Sun in this sign until April 20th, encourages us to activate a personal goal. Energy reserves are on high, and you have the support of the communications expert Mercury. Focus on what you need to come from a grounded place. You could be pursuing a special talent when creative Jupiter joins eclectic Uranus this month. And, feisty Mars in Taurus is about adjusting to demands on you time. Hardworking Saturn can be difficult to please when it comes to a job well done… and it’s getting a reality check from visionary Neptune. We either meet those expectations, or go back to the drawing board. Dream Big or Go Home, could be the theme for this April.

The New Moon on the 18th is bringing our attention to the natural music in our everyday world. You can hear birds chiming in concert or the wind rustling through leaves. A room is never truly quiet when you are present to the sounds. Unexpected opportunities can present themselves when expansive Jupiter opens the door for inventive Uranus around the 25th . Then our Sun dances through earthy Taurus and we have a chance to calm down and get back in our bodies. Smell bread baking, pet you cat, take a long nap or get your toes in the mud. Transformer Pluto joins this Sun to strengthen our ties at months end. This final pairing is where energy colludes to build a strong foundation for your future.