Monthly Forecast March 2015

The Sun is in visionary Pisces as March begins. It’s time to deepen you faith with reflection or meditation. New dreams surface to stimulate your creativity. Focusing on the result you want will get you there much faster than pulling on the past. The planet Jupiter (expansion) is trining Uranus (the inventor) early this month, causing ideas to flow easily. This expansive energy is laying the groundwork to domino a lineup of energetic planets in action oriented Aries. The Ram’s intent is to lunge forward with a tremendous amount of courage. Without it, fear would hold us at a standstill. There’s no growth without a bit of risk. Think of Indiana Jones on that ledge and you’ll get the feeling of it. Going back is not an option. So the question that remains is… how bad do you want it? it being your passion.

With the North Node in partnership oriented Libra, and opposing this same line-up, we’re encouraged to let others help us on our quest. Brainstorming with co-workers will get you further than trekking alone. The support and camaraderie spark ideas and paths you would not have imagined existed. People you connect with carry an air of familiarity, or they may surface from your past. Uranus (the revolutionary) also challenges Pluto (the transformer) around the 10th, and we are called to make sweeping changes that move us ever closer to our communities and world. The planet Saturn (the organizer) will be turning retrograde for a four month journey (beginning on the 14th ) to help us restructure our goals. Businesses will undergo a consolidation, depending on the industry you’re in. The dynamic of this energy asks, “what can you let go of,” and, “how can you do more with less?”

The Solar Eclipse on the 20th opens us to deeply understand and have compassion for our fellow wo(man). Creativity flows when our boundaries are softened with understanding. You could find yourself wrapped in successful group project or if single, opening to love. When the Sun moves into action oriented Aries on the 21st, we are infused with ideas. Opportunities arise to break out of familiar territory or take a risk on a creative venture. Luck is on your side toward months end, when the Moon joins (fortunate) Jupiter in Leo. Detach from the daily grind and find your joy. Whether its children, sports or a good book, its important to balance work with play. There’s something elementary about finding happiness in simplicity.