Monthly Forecast February 2015

Wow…here we are in the month of February. How are you doing with the Mercury retrograde? January 30-31st marked the mid-point of this reflective cycle and dropped important information in our lap. This insight can set us on a new course. With the Sun beaming Aquarian rays of inventiveness into our evolutionary paths, we can embrace a truer North. What intuitions or insights can shake you out of winters slumber? Are you hibernating or listless with your current circumstances? On February 3rd, the Full Moon in Leo speaks of being a participant or an observer…Which are you? Expansive Jupiter is breaking with its rays to help us claim more for ourselves. It’s trine to rebellious Uranus during the first week shakes us out of complacency. Uranus asks, “how is your outer self a reflection of the inner self? Perceptive Mercury ends its retrograde from mid-January on February 11th. Projects and ideas move forward in a less constricting way.

With the relationship planet, Venus, and courageous Mars moving into Pisces, we’ll have a chance to vision goals and update our beliefs. The high road of Pisces energy is trusting our intuition (first thought, best thought) and the knowing we can’t see. It’s like a fresh bread baking…it brings the senses to life. If you’re surfing the shadow of Pisces dullness is enhanced with drugs, alcohol, television or anything that makes us numb. Relational Venus will pair with healing Chiron the 9th – 14th. Your presence and attitude have a positive effect on people close to you. Think, random act of kindness. That’s a stealth service healing our planet. The New Moon in the 29th degree of Aquarius is akin to a New Year. This transitional state seeds the foundation of our future according to Hindu doctrine. And, William Butler Yeats said this Moon Phase is, “making way for the new; critical junctures in development.”

After the 18th, both Mars and Venus move into dynamic Aries. We’ll have little patience for stragglers and a creative focus. Scattering your forces or leaving others in your wake will not produce the results you’re aiming for. We’ve shifted into a partnership oriented phase where others enhance what we have to offer and vice-verse. You could meet just the right partners as Venus sextiles transformative Pluto. Expect to hear and deliver the truth with this energy. It demands a level of honesty. As February closes we’ll be adjusting to this infusion of inventiveness. If you experience additional delays, restrictive Saturn could be urging you to eliminate distractions and stay on course.


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