Monthly Forecast January 2015

The New Year is highlighted by Saturn (the disciplinarian) in the sign of Sagittarius (higher ideas). We may need to learn more about our direction in life. Reaching out to others or taking a class will broaden your perspective. Long-range goals take on a seriousness and demand a level of focus to achieve results. Stress-busters include a fitness program or any activity that challenges the large muscle groups…walking, running, biking or hiking.

Venus (the relationship planet) will move into inventive Aquarius on the 3rd.  Your values take an unexpected turn as new people and experiences enter your sphere of influence. Aquarius energy is far forward in its thinking, and flashes of insight fuel your creativity. Mercury (communication) boosts a restlessness when it moves into Aquarius on the 4th. This period marks a 3 week precursor to the planets retrograde on the 21st…so double check you work now. Pay strict attention to contracts and all forms of negotiation to avoid misunderstandings. Mistakes made now will appear in late January. Back-up your electronic devices too.

When Mars (action) goes into imaginative Pisces on the 12th, listen to your hunches and explore your dreams. Stillness allows ideas to form to resolve challenges or issues. Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, encourages us to “let go” and have faith. Meditation is an excellent outlet for Mars energy…but it must move, like walking or yoga. Mars is also very creative. Explore dancing and music to release tension.

This truly is a “New Year”, with a chance to rethink our direction and goals so early in 2015. The New Moon on the 20th is in Aquarius, highlighting the maturation of the person you’ve grown into. Whatever your age…release self-defeating habits and thoughts. Write a new script for yourself…one that is like a wise parent instead of a taskmaster. Once the Mercury retrograde begins, January 21st, take this time to revise plans, catch up on projects and revisit conversations. The introspection of Mercury will conjunct transformational Pluto repeatedly these next few weeks. Sharpen your perception and focus on how to tackle the job at hand. We eliminate wasteful thinking by affirming our intent and breathing inspiration into actions. This retrograde period can be spent brainstorming…then gear up for new horizons once Mercury goes direct on February 11th.