Monthly Forecast December 2014

With the holiday season just a few weeks away we’re busy exploring opportunities for expansion. Connecting with others who have different social, religious or spiritual views will widen our understanding and horizons. Mars, the planet of action, moves into Aquarius on December 4th. Teamwork and community goals are emphasized. Since this energy is about revolutionary ideas, we can come up with inventive and creative solutions to long standing problems. Coordinate with others and be willing to listen for that flash of insight that will move you forward.

Jupiter, the planet of higher ideas, is turning retrograde in the creative sign of Leo. It’s time to pay attention to that inner voice that speaks through meditation and reflection. We’re relying more on what feels right on an intuitive level, than charging full steam ahead into uncharted waters. Both Mercury and Venus team up in the advanced thinking of Sagittarius around the 9th. You will accomplish more with cooperation in partnerships where win-win situations require focus and clarity. Travel may be connected to on the job training and contracts.

Once Venus, the relationship planet, moves into Capricorn on the 10th, expect a seriousness to color relationships. Commitment to excellence or reliability come into play with Mercury’s march into Capricorn on December 16th.  A mid-month grouping of planets in this determined sign can keep you burning the midnight oil. There’s nothing casual about Saturn energy, it’s practical and doesn’t think twice about getting the job done. When Uranus turns direct on the 19th, the Pluto/Uranus Square is highlighted. This challenging energy could unleash some surprises in both weather and the political arena. Personally, you could be shedding outworn ideas around your career and self image. While your power of persuasion can be quite high, it must contain seeds of integrity and truth to create opportunities.

Venus, Mercury and the Sun will all be connecting with Pluto starting on the 20th.  We’re ready to unearth old patterns that keep us stuck. Prepare for a breakthrough in the area of business, partnership and communications. We’re writing a new script…one that is supportive and encouraging instead of discounting. The first step is faith in ourselves to persevere. Then, move in the direction that sparks possibility for our future. Intuitive language speaks through the emotions of energy and excitement.

Remember how healing it is to laugh, and show a spirit of cooperation versus self-indulgence this season. Embrace a sense of solidarity versus a “my way or the highway” attitude. We’re aspiring to do the right thing this holiday. Enjoy the richness that family and friends provide. Our effectiveness stems from our beliefs. Saturn moving into Sagittarius reminds us to speak the truth, and embrace an “All is One” world.

Affirmation: The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass, in perfect ways.

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Monthly Forecast November 2014

The November forecast contains remnants of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio from October. Our challenge is to release and clear energy that has somehow stagnated and needs new life. On the 8th Mercury (the planet of communication) will enter Scorpio too. Conversations demand that you find your voice. Power struggles or inner battles may surface once Mars (the planet of action) teams up with transformational Pluto. This is a great opportunity to eliminate bad habits and negative attitudes.

With the holiday almost in sight we have Venus (the relationship planet) teaming up with diligent Saturn. No task is too daunting for your “to do” list. Just don’t expect risky behavior with your hard earned cash to produce results. This aspect is about sticking to a budget and making every dollar count. Mid-November, intimate relationships either solidify or need freedom to explore growth and expansion. With Neptune (the planet of dreams/visions) gong direct on the 15th, we’re ready to move forward with a sense of purpose.

You could get pulled off-track when aggressive Mars squares the Nodal Axis on the 19th. Stay on course by finding a way to compromise or negotiate. Win-Win vs. Win-Lose. The Sun enters expansive Sagittarius on the 22nd, just in time for holiday travel and exploration. Get off the grid to create a fresh perspective and goals for the New Year. Mercury (communications) will help you clear the air with down to earth Saturn conversations. Then…feisty Mars will help you devise a plan of action regarding an old grievance, when Chiron (the wounded healer) squares relational Venus. Forgiveness is about getting your energy in present time. And, letting go of the past opens a surprisingly unexpected door to the future. When value oriented Venus trines unpredictable Uranus on the 27th expect flashes of insight. Mercury will be racing into fun loving Sagittarius to signal that your goals are just within reach.


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