Monthly Forecast October 2014

October is action packed for fans of astrology. Relationships are especially highlighted with the Sun and Venus both traveling through Libra. On October 4th, Mercury, the planet of communication turns retrograde in that same sign. Partnerships of all kinds are up for review. For the next three weeks Mercury encourages us to #1 Back up your computer and devices, and then review agreements, investments, contracts and the like.

To make things interesting…we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aries (fresh starts) and very close to both Uranus and the South Node on October 8th. Effects of this eclipse can be felt for up to 90 days. This combination is about letting go or changing directions in some way. It could be a project, relationship, partnership or idea. Uranus is the “Great Awakener” and carries the energy of revolution. A hint of inventiveness is demanding more space or freedom now.

Creativity is at an all time high with a grand fire trine. Experiment, brainstorm and investigate new methods. On October 23rd we experience a second eclipse. But, this time it’s  solar in nature and we’re reviving the past or bringing something to light to be healed. Partners can gain huge insights into the other by reflective listening and extending empathy. Also, finances and health matters can be the focus of the next 90 days to one year.

Once Mercury completes its retrograde on October 25th, its time to move forward with your new goals and plans. With so much change and charged energy it’s important to slow down and be conscious of your actions. Rushing now will accomplish the opposite of your intent.


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Monthly Forecast September 2014

September is ushered in with Mercury, the planet of communication, moving into the relationship house of Libra. Expect lots of invitations and gatherings this fall as activities build around new acquaintances. Others become a mirror to reflect how ideas and projects move forward and are tweaked with the Sun’s passage through detail oriented Virgo. You could be taking a harder look at health matters too. The Sun in the sixth house magnifies how you feed your body and mind. Once Venus, the planet of creativity, joins the Sun in Virgo on September 5th, you’re innovative side begins to show. Whether cooking up a new meal or coursework to spur your career, this Venusian energy can breathe new life into stale routines. Relationships in the sixth often take the form of co-workers and mentors, and they both can teach you something now.

Courage to try innovative and bold approaches will get the nod once Mars moves into the ninth house of higher education on the 13th. Travel in all forms may pull you to explore and break up routines. Whatever connections you make now could open the door to long-term possibilities. Teamwork turns to research around the 18th and talkative Mercury fins a subtle way to communicate via synchronicity.

By the end of September, Mercury will be entering Scorpio, and key people can show up unexpectedly on our path if we’re open to contribution vs. self absorption. Relationships take on an intense vibe with the 8th house emphasis September 27th . First thought, best thought, when it comes to following your intuition here.

Affirmation: “New fields of activity are opening in perfect ways.“

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