Monthly Forecast August 2014

With the Sun in Leo, this month’s energies encourage us to step into our creativity. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine as the relationship planet, Venus, also moves into fun loving Leo around the 12th. The pairing of this relationship planet with expansive Jupiter can fill us with enough confidence to bet the house. But, hold on to those hard earned dollars, and beware that “what glitters may not be gold” aspect with Neptune. Neptune can make it difficult to discern and adjustments may be necessary around the 17th. Day dreaming and meditation can help you find answers that seem just out of reach. The planet of communication, Mercury, is zipping through Virgo to perfect your ideas and help you meet people at the workplace. It’s also a great time to get back into a fitness routine. Around the 24th, diligent Saturn pairs up with ambitious Mars to give you a boost of energy. You may even feel a bit sexier too! By the 29th you’ll feel some of the good will from the Sun in the sign of service oriented Virgo. Here again, Neptune is patiently waiting to reflect…the high road is choosing something to make a difference and the low road is getting lost in the fog of procrastination.