Monthly Forecast April 2014

The Mars retrograde continues to inspire us to put our best foot forward. We’re in competition with ourselves to turn dreams into reality. As the Sun buddies up with the planet Uranus, expect flashes of insight and innovative ideas to spur you on. Negotiations go smoother when its a win-win versus a “I win, you lose”. Place more emphasis on responding to pressure with clear communications. You can transform outer circumstances by changing your intention with positive thoughts and actions. Capture insights you receive with journaling.
We’re not just planting seeds, we’re cultivating the soil to nourish a brighter future. Your creativity is inching toward the surface. However this manifests for you, whether in music, art or writing, open to the balance of joy it inspires. It’s time to nurture the child within and take a leap of faith in yourself.

Affirmation: “The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass, in perfect ways, under Grace.”

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