Monthly Forecast February 2014

This month is challenging us to revisit and review. The planet Mercury turns retrograde and moves back into the sign of Aquarius. The archetype of the Water Bearer is often mistaken for a water sign, but this couldn’t be further from the energy it exudes. Aquarius is electric and reaches out like a lightening strike in unpredictable fashion. Our ideas and goals get pushed back to the drawing board. Retrograde planets take on the energy of the second sign they rule. For Mercury, that highlights the energy of Virgo. We’re hammering out details, and our discrimination is key to “getting it right”. Mentors step up to assist if you can muster the humility to ask.
Relationships are either building a stronger core or cracking around the foundation. With Venus and Pluto there’s no way to sugar-coat the truth. You’re all in, or you’re figuring out how to pick up the pieces. By mid-month you’ll get more information about what will help you move forward during this phase. Once the Sun moves into imaginative Pisces on the 19th, create a vision board to pull your ideas into the present. Your dreams are great guideposts for problem solving. The Sun teams up with Neptune (February 23-24) to dissolve obstacles by opening us to faith. Holding a candle in the dark creates a way. Meditation and prayer hold that same beacon of light to create optimism and possibility and move us closer to our goals. Mercury ends the month turning direct on the 28th. Our diligence and hard earned patience will be waiting on the other side of the learning curve. See you then.

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

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