Monthly Forecast January 2014

The New Year kicks off with a change in your career goals, Aries. Partnerships challenge you to define your values around home and family. Unexpected connections expose you to innovative ideas or fresh perspecives. You can make great strides in your career by revising expectations and taking one step at a time. Setting a reasonable pace means less revisions down the road.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, and I easily meet people to help me reach my goals.”

With so many goals it’s difficult to know where to start, Taurus. The protocol of others causes you to walk a thin line. It’s time to call in favors and accept the help of those closest to you. Work demands compromise and doing a little more than your fair share. You light up the career stage with your insight and innovative ideas. Synchronicity places the right connections on your path to teach or coach.

Affirmation: “New fields of activity are opening, in perfect ways.”

You could be using your hard earned resources to create transformation and change for 2014, Gemini. Mentors and co-workers challenge your values. A training or class connects you with innovative ideas to make significant strides. Long distance travel will create an anchor to hitch your dreams on and keep optimism high. Take care of important details that could derail your efforts if left unattended.

Affirmation: “New doors of activity are opening with ease, and I take a leap of faith”

The New Year starts off with a bang as you review your partnership connections, Cancer. Change is in the air. You are challenged to expand your ideas around home and family. An unexpected meeting could turn an ordinary date into a romantic encounter. People you meet now seem to resonate with you on a deeper level. Prioritize your time to make the most of a packed schedule.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, and the divine plan of my life takes shape.”

The New Year has you revisiting work projects and your health, Leo. A transformation in your values is pulling you to explore new ideas. Networking will connect you with like-minded people that resonate with your creative side. You have a nack for saying just the right thing when mentoring others. Your playful spirit inspires peers to take your lead and provide assistance.

Affirmation: “This or something better in a perfect way.”

This month calls you to step into your creativity with both feet, Virgo. You transform the way you express yourself through artistic means. There is a challenge to invest wisely when your time and group dynamics are involved. Your style is changing in a childlike, creative way. Projects flow easily when you prioritize and delete stale routines. Spontaneity can be just the ticket to innovation.

Affirmation: “I am surrounded with joy, and the plan of my life takes shape.”

The focus in now on home and family, Libra. Big changes loom on the career front as you balance both time and energy on goals. Play with your ideas to incorporate creative approaches to solve problems. Investing in your dreams will mean putting your money where it’s needed most. Budget to cover unexpected expenses and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek is now appearing in miraculous ways, under grace.”

There is a notable increase in your communications this month, Scorpio. As you network and touch base with associates, listen for what is not being said. Your attitudes around spirituality could undergo a period of testing and faith. It is time to believe in yourself and take concrete steps to create a secure home life. Parent yourself with words of encouragement and positive affirmation.

Affirmation: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape, in perfect ways.”

You could be facing intense situations with both family and friends, Sagittarius. You know how to navigate difficulties, but letting others help is a bit foreign. That time is now. Let partners have at least half the answer and responsibility. Unexpected breakthroughs or information can come through mid-month. Visualization transforms old habit patters or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Affirmation: “Before I ask, my prayers are answered, in perfect ways.”

The New Year pulls your focus to new transformative ideas, Capricorn. A change in your style will mean letting go of relationships and directions that pull you off course. Your career can be very demanding, and fresh perspectives come from new partnerships. Unexpected connections expand your presence in the community. A common goal enables you to align your values with others.

Affirmations: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape in fun, creative directions.”

This month you are cleaning out closets both practical and spiritual, Aquarius. There is a transformation taking place that puts your ideas in the limelight. Managing your energy will require you to find the courage to step into new directions and lead the way. Travel could be on the agenda. Moving out of your comfort zone will lead to breakthroughs in confidence. You’ve got this!

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

This month has you revisiting community connections, Pisces. Group dynamics put you in a leadership role where your organizational skills are put to the test. Set you sights on new areas of exploration, both near and far. Setting your intentions for the New Year will help you vision the next step toward long-range goals. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Affirmation: “New field of activity are opening in perfect ways.“

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Monthly Forecast December 2013

Reminiscing is fine when you’re focused on the positive, Aries. Pull from your past experiences and move forward with confidence. Your efforts will be put to the test after mid-month. Mentors are keeping a close watch on how your navigate a business deal. Revise your strategy by using a creative approach. Compromise only works when both sides give a little. Stay open to new insights.

Affirmation: “I am a light of hope and joy in the world.”

There is a shift in your perspective this month, Taurus. Once you get on track with a new budget, a getaway or training could be on your agenda. Compromise and diplomacy will be required on the job. Unexpected confrontations can be negotiated with a third party. Your long-range goals are put on hold while you organize the details. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers before you launch a new venture.

Affirmation: “I step into my creativity with confidence and ease.”

It’s time to get out and network, Gemini. You could feel a bit impulsive when it comes to trying new things. Find the courage to feel uncomfortable and go with the flow. A transformation is taking shape at your workplace. New friends and community members step up to support your efforts. Your creative projects will require a level of focus on detail. Nothing can stop you once you set your sights.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, and I easily meet people to help me reach my goals.”

Work is suddenly consuming more than the average amount of your time, Cancer. You could feel torn between what is enough, when it comes to sharing your ideas. Partners step up to support your efforts after mid-month. Creative projects have you searching for new solutions to old problems. Stand your ground when it comes to financial changes. Revising an agreement will allow you to gain momentum.

Affirmation: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape in fun, creative directions.”

Children or creative projects have your focus as the month begins, Leo. Long-range goals are just within reach. Hammer out the details of a career move and nurture a new passion. Let those closest to you support your efforts by accepting constructive criticism. A mentor has your best interest at heart and will aim you in the right direction. Slow and steady wins the race….just ask the turtle.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, and the design of my life takes shape.”

You gain new information that places you on the fast-track to success this month, Virgo. Your diligence and diplomatic approach has built a network of trusting friends. Put your energy behind a creative project and watch the ideas roll in. Pushing beyond your limits is nothing new. You can recycle old thoughts and transform then into new directions for profit.

Affirmation: “Before I ask, it is set in motion in perfect ways.”

Networking and short trips keep you on your toes, Libra. An open mind will require listening at least as much as you talk. Your energy soars with a new idea or project. Expect opposition and diplomatic negotiations to keep partnerships in tact. Matters close to the heart gain your attention as the holidays near. Old habits die hard, but embracing a fresh perspective will help you create a calmer foundation.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek is now appearing in miraculous ways, under grace.”

It’s time to mix up your routines, Scorpio. Focusing on a new goal or getting a fresh perspective will open doors. Short, long distance trips put you in touch with innovative approaches. An unexpected health issue could have you reviewing your habits, and updating your goals will reduce stress. Focus on matters close to the heart. Sharing your time is a treasured gift that is priceless.

Affirmation: “I look with wonder at each new day.”

Your initiative has carried you right across the goal line, Sagittarius. Next will be an increase in the pace of your activities. Don’t forget to put sleep on the agenda as your burn the midnight oil with brainstorming sessions. Creativity is at an all time high, and so is the opposition. Follow your intuition and plan wisely when it comes to budget matters. Nothing can stop you once you set the wheels in motion.

Affirmation: “New doors of activity are opening with ease and I take a leap of faith.”

Time spent with new groups will broaden your horizons, Capricorn. Information you receive from dreams and intuition will be an asset. Assume an air of confidence as you explore unfamiliar territory. Nothing exceeds like staying true to your inner voice as you transition to a new stage. Your style is changing, and revisiting values will demand a higher level of patience and persistence.

Affirmations: “Spirit makes a way where there is no way.”

You’re focusing on new avenues to test your ideas, Aquarius. Technology and gadgets get your attention when promoting voice and image. Staying on top of your game could mean teaching others or refining your skills. Short, long distance trips add to your knowledge and style. While organization will help you manage time, review old beliefs to rejuvenate stale habits.

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

Your career is full speed a head, Pisces. Goals you previously set in motion domino into financial planning and making new contacts. Your energy improves when you balance all that activity with rest and relaxation. Stress disappears when you compromise with a coworker. A new community of friends provides unexpected connections. Review your values when challenged to make a stand.

Affirmation: “I am now surrounded with unexpected joy, and the plan of my life takes shape.“

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