Monthly Forecast July 2013

You could be revisiting values around friends and family this month, Aries. Redecorating or paint can create a fresh perspective in your home. Your budget may be depencent on a second source of income. Honesty and compassion get you on the other side of a long-standing issue. Congruency is emphasized in your work and career. Prepare to face some opposition and be willing to compromise.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, and I easily meet people to help me reach my goals.”

You may be rushing to manage all the activities you’ve committed to this summer, Taurus. Yes, you did put this all on one plate. Prioritize, and you’ll be right on schdule after mid-month. A new inspiration or goal has you fast-tracked to a more prominent role amongst peers. No one shines like you on stage. Just remember to delegate as part of your new responsibilities.

Affirmation: “New fields of activity are opening, in perfect ways.”

It’s time to step up to the plate on the job front, Gemini. You will be anything but bored with the schedule you have committed to keep. A new fitness or exercise routine will boost your energy and help you manage stress. The ability to know how to address concerns and expectations with clients will push you ahead of the pack. Just be sure to balance all that activity with time out for fun, and yes…sleep.

Affirmation: “New doors of activity are opening with ease, and I take a leap of faith”

The possibilities are endless for you this month, Cancer. Opportunities present themselves and your job is to not sleep through them. Revisions are on the table for goals and creative projects. Fine- tuning comes easy when your imagination is sparked. After the 21st you’re up for any challenges that arise on the career front. Innovation is your wild card, and there is plenty of genius behind it as you find your voice in the crowd.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, and the divine plan of my life takes shape.”

You could be clearing the garage or other areas in your home that need a breath of fresh air, Leo. Long-range goals require you focus on time-management. The moments you spend in contemplation and silence pay off in increased intution. Follow hunches and embrace uncomfortable conversations to keep life exciting. You can enhance the learning curve in your profession by devling into research. Once you integrate this knowledge, you’re golden.

Affirmation: “This or something better in a perfect way.”

Your family of friends take center stage this month, Virgo. Unexpected calls and visits keep you on your toes as partnerships push your organizational abilities. Prioritizing your schedule will only help if you can delegate wisely. New creative ideas have a transformational effect on the direction of a project. Your power of persuasion will have them thinking it was their idea all along.

Affirmation: “I am surrounded with joy, and the plan of my life takes shape.”

Effort and time spent on a career goal begins to pay off this month, Libra. You are thrown into the limelight and seem to be the go-to person for every question. Your values are changing in ways you never imagined. Some how your personna is transformed, and a new confidence is shining through. Partnerships challenge your resourcefulness. Letting go of old habits can be as simple as forming new ones.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek is now appearing in miraculous ways, under grace.”

Going back to the drawing-board could be a good thing this month, Scorpio. You are brimming with new goals. Deciding which ones to eliminate will take a bit more contemplation. Try not to take your talents for granted. The challenge is to be assertive versus aggressive as you launch projects. While partnerships offer valuable insight, this time you must take your own council.

Affirmation: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape, in perfect ways.”

You could be facing intense situations with both family and friends, Sagittarius. You know how to navigate difficulties, but letting others help is a bit foreign. That time is now. Let partners have at least half the answer and responsibility. Unexpected breakthoughs or infomation can come through mid-month. Visualization can transform old habit patters or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Affirmation: “Before I ask, my prayers are answered, in perfect ways.”

Partnerships are highlighted for you now, Capricorn. Networking takes center stage as you meet both powerful and influential people in the community. Opportunities stem from who-knows-who and your approach to sharing information is unmatched. Prepare to get your ideas off the ground. Innovative approaches and new information surface by mid-month, helping you move ever closer to a dream come true.

Affirmations: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape in fun, creative directions.”

All your hard work is about to pay off, Aquarius. Making it look easy is your gift. No one knows how many hours you’ve been plugging away behing the scenes. Get ready for a surge of brainstorming as challenges require one more delay. After the 21st you’ll have all the revisions you need for a successful launch. Now…how about a day off? It’s been a long, difficult climb.

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

You are getting back to the creative side of life this month, Pisces. You have reached a point of needing to reclaim your joy. Something inside you is just tired of all work and no play. Time to have some fun. That fun may take the shape of exploring old hobbies or reconnecting with friends. Either way, you can’t ignore the balance that is off center. Time to embrace your inner child.

Affirmation: “New field of activity are opening in perfect ways.“

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