Monthly Forecast April 2013

You’re ahead of the game when it comes to energy and goals, Aries. Your finances get a boost from a change in values. Eliminating unnecessary expenditures will bring a budget into alignment. Adjustments or delays experienced now point to where additional effort will pay off. Using ingenuity and past experience guide you to a radically different future.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, and I easily meet people to help me reach my goals.”

You could be be cleaning out closets and preparing for Spring, Taurus. Deciding to release clutter will allow new ideas to form both mentally and spiritually. Spending money on your appearance adds another level of mystique to your aura. Partnerships inspire you to update long held beliefs so your dreams can become a reality. The sky is the limit when you’re in the drivers seat.

Affirmation: “God makes a way, where there is no way.”

You are busy networking and making connections in your community this month, Gemini. Focus on the inner you and develop a spiritual practice to manage resources and time. Restructuring within your company could cause delays that work to your advantage in the long-run. Use insight and innovation to navigate challenges with colleagues. Negotiations are critical to your success.

Affirmation: “New doors of activity are opening with ease, and I take a leap of faith”

Your career is the center of attention this month, Cancer. Get comfortable with the limelight, as you are elected to represent company interests. Your ability to connect with others and form partnerships is key to fulfilling a long-term wish. Making room for creative projects will be a challenge as work demands increase. You can put a new spin on an old idea by focusing inward.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, and the divine plan of my life takes shape.”

Long-range goals are highlighted this Spring, Leo. You may be wondering which passion to pursue first. Investing in your career will pay off now, as powerful people step up to assist you in your efforts. Adjustments in your home will require a bit of finesse, while juggling a busy schedule. Balance work with creativity and eliminate distractions that are simply a waste of both time and energy.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek, is now seeking me, in perfect ways.”

This month pulls you to review your finances and how to grow them, Virgo. Investing in an extended vacation or time off the grid will rejuvenate you in a lot of different ways. Taking a fresh look at the year ahead means spending time with partners that push your creative edge. Let go of emergencies that others need to manage and let the chips fall where they may.

Affirmation: “I am now surrounded with unexpected joy, and the plan of my life takes shape.”

New partnerships are on the horizon for you now, Libra. Focusing your creativity and entrepreneurship will pay off handsomely. Investing in property or other interests will have your money working almost as hard as you do. A fresh routine inspires you in directions you previously only dreamed about. Big changes on the home front may inspire a move. Let your internal voice be your guide.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek is now appearing in miraculous ways, under grace.”

Work is exhilarating as you take on and launch new projects, Scorpio. A tremendous amount of energy is required as you push through difficult tasks. As you invest in new models, partnerships grow effortlessly. Profound change happens when you network and teach what you know. Don’t discount a creative viewpoint to get your ideas across. Balance work with play to keep a fresh perspective.

Affirmation: “I step into my creativity with confidence and ease.”

No one knows how hard you’ve been working behind the scenes, Sagittarius. Your presence may be hidden, but the effects of mentor-ship are creating change. Like-minded individuals seek your advice. Your home takes on a meditative environment as you clear clutter and expand your horizons. Children play a key role in keeping you in-touch with joy. Your openness and curiosity are contagious.

Affirmation: “I am a light of hope and joy in the world..”

Spring has you thinking of far off places and new creative ideas, Capricorn. There is a challenge to eliminate limiting beliefs or pressure from others. Focusing on your dreams and goals will take you to new heights. Networking in your neighborhood opens up the possibility for long-range educational pursuits and travel. Stay open to the idea that spontaneity has magic and genius in it.

Affirmations: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape in fun, creative directions.”

This Spring has you brimming with career possibilities just around the corner, Aquarius. You may have a move in the near future. Traveling at a moments notice revitalizes both your mind and spirit. Managing your work and personal life means eliminating distractions. Financial rewards for dedication and hard work may be be delayed, but not denied.

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

You have a new appreciation for uncharted territory, Pisces. Taking that step may demand a level of courage outside your comfort zone. Invest in your natural curiosity and “what if” part of life. Dream big now and finance your faith over your fear. Eliminate the old tapes playing in your head, and dive into dreams to make them a reality.

Affirmation: “Before I ask, it is set in motion in perfect ways.“

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