Monthly Forecast September 2012

Work and your health are demanding attention this month, Aries. Neglect either one and you could lose perspective on a long-range goal. Links from childhood come into focus and reflect how your values are changing. Partnerships become increasingly important mid-month as your learn to assert yourself on the job. Outright power-struggles ensue if you are unable to reach compromises with those closest to you. Finding joy in a creative project will fulfill you on a deeper level.

Affirmation: “I am a light of hope and joy in the world.”

Networking is strongly tied to your career this month, Taurus. More than one project will demand your time. Creativity is your friend, and brainstorming comes easy when you assert yourself. Delegation will get you further than micromanagement. Transform your idea of what the end result sould look like and you’ll be half-way to your goal. Partners relax in your calm, steady presence. You health is dependent on eating for energy.

Affirmation: “I step into my creativity with confidence and ease.”

You seem to be at a crossroads, Gemini. Taking a leap of faith is easier than the stress of standing still. Your creative side blossoms when you network and make connections in your community. Brush up on your negotiation skills and listen to your intuition when dealing with strangers. No-one excels like you when you’re turning on the charm. The world is your playground and it’s time to make things happen. Nothing occurs when you sit on the sidelines.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, and I easily meet people to help me reach my goals.”

Short trips and networking are on your agenda this month, Cancer. Partnerships help you transform a creative pastime into a passion. Investing in yourself is key to moving closer to your long-range goals. Be sure to speak up when negotiating your fees on a project. As your confidence soars, travel and exposure to new experiences throw you into the limelight. Your sexy side is starting to surface. Sleep is entirely another matter.~

Affirmation: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape in fun, creative directions.”

Tightening your budget is the first of many challenges you’ll face this month, Leo. Your new-found confidence was like a trial by fire. Big changes at work push you to get out of your comfort zone. Embrace the softer side of your creativity and communicate with a compassionate approach. Networking will bring the results you seek, and accellerate profound changes to your schedule. Being a resource will grow your inspiration.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, and the design of my life takes shape.”

You are just catching your second wind as September starts, Virgo. The recent surge of activity has set you up nicely to take advantage of some much needed down-time. Being a resource for others means delegating the less important responsibilities. Your ability to get things done is paying off in huge dividends. Asserting ideas for change will open new doors. Adjusting to the exposure may be blinding…may I suggest sunglasses?

Affirmation: “Before I ask, it is set in motion in perfect ways.”

You may feel like retreating from the demands of others this month, Libra. Connections in your community have you delving into new and exciting territory. After the 15th your energy soars and your home is transformed to suit the goals you’ve set in motion. A new-found sense of freedom challenges you to stretch your wings and look at your world with new eyes. Your style is changing.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek is now appearing in miraculous ways, under grace.”

You might need a personal secretary this month, Scorpio. Balancing calls and projects will challenge your time-management skills. You’re pushed into the lime-light and will have a different kind of social schedule. Anything private is now in the public eye. Well…you can keep your thoughts to yourself at the very least. Uncovering new creative ideas will be easy when you watch your dreams.

Affirmation: “I look with wonder at each new day.”

You are officially on deck for being the person in charge this month, Sagittarius. Your organizational skills are put to the test. A project you’ve been working on is ready to be seen. So when did you get so bashful? That quiet confidence is practically bursting at the seams. Get out and network in your community after mid-month. Everyone admires your originality and progressive stance. It’s time to shine.

Affirmation: “New doors of activity are opening with ease and I take a leap of faith.”

New goals and experiences are tapping your shoulder this month, Capricorn. Short trips expand your horizons, and a partnership intensifies your values. Your could get pulled into the limelight as your vocational demands increase. Teaching or negotiation skills will be put to the test. You may not feel like the same person at the close of this season. Responsibilities encourage you to take the lead and claim your place in your chosen career.

Affirmations: “Spirit makes a way where there is no way.”

It’s time for an all out retreat, Aquarius. Ideas come pouring in when you shut out the noise. A partner begins to contribute to your funding stream, and careful management of your resources will allow you to push your creativity to new heights. Listen to your intuition and network in your immediate neighborhood for new connections. Brainstrom an agenda for your goals…your fans will have to solve their own problems. Once you launch your project, you’re golden.~

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

Partnerships are highlighted now, Pisces. You have been flying solo for quite some time, and suddenly it seems you’re no longer the director of your time. The details of a project demand you focus your creativity and invest in your ideas. Get input from like-minded individuals before you sign on the dotted line. More attention is on your investments. Gambling with your hard earned money is not what you had in mind. Invest wisely.

Affirmation: “I am now surrounded with unexpected joy, and the plan of my life takes shape.“


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