Monthly Forecast August 2012

Your house of children and creativity is alive this month, Aries. New schedules and messages filter into your daily routine. Sweeping change in your career challenges you to be aware of how actions can domino for better or worse. Responsibility and compromise are your keys to awareness. Co-workers glean inspiration from your originality and inventiveness.

Affirmation: “I am a light of hope and joy in the world.”

Your home is a playground for fun and gatherings this month, Taurus. Sharing your resources and ideas will feed others. New goals transform your sights. Projects are launched without a hitch and funding is finally available. Seize an inspiration and capture it in writing to set the wheels in motion.

Affirmation: “I step into my creativity with confidence and ease.”

This month is anything but ordinary, Gemini. Short trips and networking keep you buzzing from place to place. Focus your intentions to stay on track. Changes in your career line up when you connect with like minded partners. Your enthusiasm is contagious, so get out there and play!

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, and I easily meet people to help me reach my goals.”

You could be opening a new funding stream this month, Cancer. Working behind the scenes suddenly exposes you to new places and experiences. Your style is changing and there is excitement in the air. It’s your turn to shine, both creatively and in partnership. Making this look easy is just another act of genius.

Affirmation: “The divine plan of my life now takes shape in fun, creative directions.”

After running circles around everyone at the workplace your organizational skills are paying off, Leo. Open fully to your intuitive side and let yourself unplug from the fray. You have a new persona and those closest to you notice the subtle change. You’re senses are fine-tuned and playing has never been more fun.

Affirmation: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, and the design of my life takes shape.”

Although you may seek solitude, you are thrown into the limelight, Virgo. Your creative energy is practically oozing from your core. Dynamic partners transform your vision in unexpected ways. Freedom is just another word for ingenuity. You’ve set the bar for integrity and stability and it is all heading your way.

Affirmation: “Before I ask, it is set in motion in perfect ways.”

You may be ready to exit from excessive responsibilities, Libra. Letting someone else take the controls will give you a wonderful reprieve. Focusing on your own agenda is guaranteed to put a smile back on your face. Travel is not a four letter word. Ideas spring from new experiences.

Affirmation: “Everything I seek is now appearing in miraculous ways, under grace.”

The intensity of your career begins to shift this month, Scorpio. Goals and projects take on a life of their own. Settle in to some much needed down time and get off the grid. Tap into your playful side and learn the language of smiles and facial expressions. Transformation in the home has a far reaching effect on your goals for the future.

Affirmation: “I look with wonder at each new day.”

That get out of town pass is burning a hole in your pocket, Sagittarius. Memories are made when you invest your energy in new territory. A long term project could take you places you’ve only dreamed about. Putting down roots in a new place may be just what the doctor ordered. Life doesn’t happen on the side-lines.

Affirmation: “New doors of activity are opening with ease and I take a leap of faith.”

Jointly held resources are shifting and partners need you input, Capricorn. Your contribution of time and energy pay off by working behind the scenes. New connections pull on your knowledge and expertise to solve problems. Long-range goals lead to unexpected connections toward the end of August.

Affirmations: “Spirit makes a way where there is no way.”

You could decide to let others put out their own fires this month, Aquarius. Delegating responsibilities and streamlining your budget have set you up nicely for a new opportunity. Choosing between two jobs could be a challenge. Make a stand by putting yourself first. Only honesty and integrity weather the challenge of trusting your inner guidance.

Affirmation: “I now finance faith in my abilities, and the divine plan of my life begins to take shape.”

Work and health are both vying for your attention, Pisces. Your mind is pulling you in a totally different direction that palaces demands on your creativity. Delegation will get you the rest you need, while pushing forward could be the last energetic straw. Investing in a dream makes it come true sooner than later.

Affirmation: “I am now surrounded with unexpected joy, and the plan of my life takes shape.“

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