Monthly Forecast June 2011

Aries, sometimes it just feels good to spend a little money, but wait until mid-month to avoid buyer’s remorse. Connecting with people in your immediate neighborhood will open doors to both friendships and career opportunities. Challenges in the home demand creative solutions. Burn excess energy with a new sport or hobby.

Affirmation: “Nothing is too good to be true”. *

There is an expansive quality to your energy this month Taurus. You’ll get an extra boost at work after the 12th, when responsibilities are lightened and tasks run smoother. Revise your budget as a mentor presents an opportunity to add to your adventurous side. Finding your voice with siblings will be easier than compromising your values. Invest wisely for a long distance trip.

Affirmation: “Nothing is too wonderful to happen”.*

Your dreamscape can be rich with information this month Gemini. Reflecting on your values will sharpen your focus on creative endeavors. Connections with new partnerships throw you into the limelight. Prioritize your time to avoid spinning your wheels on unnecessary projects. Sudden endings pave the way for new beginnings.

Affirmation: “All things I seek are now seeking me”. *

Your place in the community is opening for expansion, Cancer. Friends and colleagues introduce you to new ideas, people and places. Investing in a creative idea can pave the way to financial stability. Working behind the scenes enables you to escape scrutiny from unsolicited helpers. Family matters could be the source of fun and relaxation after the adjustments you’ve navigated through this month.

Affirmation: “All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in a perfect way”. *

Leo, your workplace is getting a makeover this month. Opportunities to get out and network position you squarely in line as a spokesperson. Meetings and trainings keep your agenda packed so pay special attention to nutrition and rest. Exercise will alleviate stress and help you balance the excessive energy from demanding co-workers or clients.

Affirmation: “I serve only faith and my unlimited abundance is made manifest”. *

You can be feeling the need to get-away after weeks of an intense schedule, Virgo. Pack your bags and enjoy a brief escape before plowing through your agenda. Projects run more smoothly mid-month, and your hard work and diplomacy open doors that were previously closed. Explore new territory and use your instincts to guide you into uncharted landscapes.

Affirmation: “My good now overtakes me in a surprising way”. *

There is a shift in your goals as you head into new territory this month, Libra. Evaluating your investments could pay off in the long term, so plan wisely now. Responsibilities seem easier to master after mid-month, and journaling can help you track your progress. Adjustments in the home require a spirit of compromise. Find your voice with authority figures and put your creative ideas to the test.

Affirmation: I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways- by thinking, speaking and acting.” *

Partnerships are highlighted for you this month, Scorpio. You could be dealing with intense individuals who challenge your thoughts and ideas. Your magnetism can be turned up a notch, so only aim your gaze on what you truly want. Investments can pay off after mid-month and working behind the scenes will help you block out excessive noise.

Affirmation: “Seeming impossible doors now open, seeming channels are free, in perfect ways.” *

Tackle that special project this month, Sagittarius. Anything you put your energy into now will receive extra support. Try to see both sides of an issue before moving forward. New connections pave a highway to different views around tradition and honor. Respond vs. react when pushed into a corner. Your voice and mind are your most effective defense now.

Affirmation: “I now thank God the giver, for God the gift.” *

This is the month to follow your creative instincts, Capricorn. Opportunity can come through both children and like-minded friends. Connections in your immediate neighborhood introduce you to new and familiar faces. Short trips and computer messages move you closer to a long-term goal. Transformation is occurring deep inside you, and changing the face you present to the world.

Affirmations: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways.” *

Your home is buzzing with activity this month, Aquarius. You could be expanding your family or welcoming a new addition. Be open to invitations from both near and far as friends have placed you high on the list to join in celebrations and vacations. Avoid risky investments that can leave you high and dry. Trust your instincts when it comes to gambling your hard earned dollars.

Affirmation: “New channels of activity are opening for me now, in perfect ways.” *

Friends and family could be wondering if you’ve moved this month, Pisces. Finding you home will be rare as opportunity presents itself with trips and excursions. Exploring investments or spending money on long-standing goals is possible now. While traditional ideas once secured your foundation…they are now being transformed. Narrowing your focus will be challenging. Trust your instincts to guide you to opportunities.

Affirmation: Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good. *

* Affirmations are from “The Writings of Florence Shinn.”

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