Monthly Forecast April 2011

Aries, this month is full of change with Uranus moving into your 1st house. Expect the pace to pick up, even with the planet of communication forcing you to review recent ideas and projects. Tapping into your dreams for inspiration will be a breeze with Neptune moving into Pisces later this month. You may need to prioritize your values to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Writing and creativity figure prominently now.

em>Affirmation: “Nothing is too good to be true”. *

Taurus, if there was ever a month to clean out the garage…this is it. It seems like you are living behind the scenes, but an important evaluation of what needs to stay or go is in the works. Unexpected revelations around your goals are revealed now. Creative types step up to assist you in the transition. Demands on the job may remind you to sequester yourself away around the holiday and embrace relaxation. Pay special attention to your health and be proactive when it comes to keeping in shape.

Affirmation: “Nothing is too wonderful to happen”.*

Gemini, your sense of community is highlighted now as you are exposed to all ages and types of people in your community. The institutional framework makes dealing with different personality types come to the fore. You could be revising your ideas around how to navigate friendships and what your need for your own enjoyment. Prioritizing your time will help you keep the balance in your life. Dancing and music raise your vibration. Be open to making new connections.

Affirmation: “All things I seek are now seeking me”. *

Cancer, the emphasis is on your career this month and unexpected change is forcing reorganization. Powerful partnerships are now in place and you will be reviewing ideas around work and exploring new avenues for your career. You may be contemplating higher education or branching out to satisfy an inventive streak. There is a pull between work and relaxation so you could be laying the foundation to create a home for yourself.

Affirmation: “All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in a perfect way”. *

Leo, this month has you putting new goals in place. Reviewing long-range plans may be key to a big shift in the work arena. New standards around communication force a change in values and standards. Reorganization will transition your workweek into a more efficient schedule. Connecting to your intuition and spiritual beliefs will help you tap into others that have the same ideas and aspirations to heal the planet.

Affirmation: “I serve only faith and my unlimited abundance is made manifest”. *

Virgo, the emphasis is on money held jointly this month. You could be reviewing investments or how to build your nest egg. There is a tendency to feel your way through relationships and focus more on what people do than what they say. Reviewing contracts or changing plans is possible around mid-month. Pay attention to friends who can help you tune into your intuition, navigate through difficult times and keep your priorities straight.

Affirmation: “My good now overtakes me in a surprising way”. *

Libra, this month puts you in the limelight. Let other people in to help you with the other half of the answer to a perplexing problem and you’ll have smooth sailing. Inventiveness is key in the workplace and compromise is always a good idea when you need additional help. Playing nice is easer for you than most. Reviewing old partnerships may force a break or compromise in regards to values and challenges on the home front.

Affirmation: I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways- by thinking, speaking and acting.” *

Scorpio, your work and health are highlighted this month. Good nutrition will support your energy when the barrage of activity escalates in the workplace. Launching ideas that create a service to others will be very rewarding. Fine-tune the details of a project with a careful review before moving forward. Finding an outlet for your energy may include an outdoor sport or something that gets your heart pumping.

Affirmation: Seeming impossible doors now open, seeming channels are free, in perfect ways. *

Sagittarius, this months focus is on children and creativity. Your time may be spent investing a lot of energy in a hobby or sport. Finding your voice with the younger generation opens new creative challenges. Balancing work and pleasure can be accomplished by spending more time on the water or in nature. A review of an old romantic connection could have you revisiting the past and maybe mending a bridge or two. Obligations pull you to donate any spare time on a community project.

Affirmation: I now thank God the giver, for God the gift. *

Capricorn, the energy this month is focused in your home. Unexpected communications around a family member pull you to stay in touch. A lot is happening with both family and friends as you review obligations or commitments. A shift in your intuition takes place as Neptune moves into your 5th house and opens a rich dreamscape for you to explore, especially for problem solving. Expect the pace to pick-up after the 23rd with a pull between home and career.

Affirmations: Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways. *

Aquarius, this month has you buzzing around your immediate neighborhood and taking lots of short trips. Communication is key to your success, and with Mercury retrograde it will save both time and energy to slow your pace instead of charging ahead and forcing your way through. Unexpected calls and email will keep you on the move so documentation is key. Investing in a long-term dream is a reality now and travel can play an important role in connecting with others.

Affirmation: New channels of activity are opening for me now, in perfect ways. *

Pisces, this month forces you to focus on your values and financial affairs. Spending money on an inventive idea or an unexpected expense can force a review of your budget. Obligations can sidetrack your best intentions to save for both education and travel. Negotiating the details of expenses can be like riding a wave where you’ll need to break or compromise.

Affirmation: Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good. *

* Affirmations are from “The Writings of Florence Shinn.”

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