Monthly Forecast January 2011

This month promises to be one of innovation and change, Aries. Goals you set in motion for the New Year take root by mid-January. Developing a network in your community will assist you in taking a few risks that help you step into your individuality and expand creative ideas. You could be letting go of partnerships that no longer support your vision and breaking out on your own to secure new foundations for the future.

em>Affirmation: “Nothing is too good to be true”. *

Taurus, now the holidays are behind you, it’s time for some inner exploration Taurus. New goals become evident for your education or creativity as January progresses. You can be pulled into the spotlight mid-month when a shift in your energy opens the door for expansion in your career. As you explore your ideas on spirituality pay close attention to your dreams. They can give you important clues to a pressing relationship. Utilize an exercise program to increase your energy.

Affirmation: “Nothing is too wonderful to happen”.*

You could be looking at your financial resources or creative strengths and how to transform them into new goals for the future Gemini. Inspiration can come in the form of long-distance calls from both family and friends. It’s exciting to explore uncharted territory when you have a firm foundation to work from. Let go of ideas that are no longer working in favor of challenges that push you into your power.

Affirmation: “All things I seek are now seeking me”. *

Partnerships take on a new meaning for you this month, Cancer. As you connect with like-minded people in your career, possibilities for transformation and change present themselves. Working with or mentoring others can open doors to new ways to look at old challenges. Your vision pushes you into the spotlight toward the end of January and your energy gets a boost from the intensity.

Affirmation: “All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in a perfect way”. *

The focus is in your sixth house of work and health, Leo. Sticking to a routine and getting back on a schedule will help dissipate nervous energy. Reviewing your ideas about how to connect with others in your community is best when you organize your resources and proceed systematically. Long-range goals are at your fingertips, and help from behind-the-scenes can come from old partners that have your best interest at heart.

Affirmation: “I serve only faith and my unlimited abundance is made manifest”. *

Virgo, as planets line up in your fifth house your creativity is highlighted. New connections spur change on several levels. Your could be working on new structures that involve children or organizations. Business minded individuals pull you to contribute to the community network. Developing new ideas and mentoring help you secure much needed income. Putting your ideas to the test can challenge old systems and help you embrace new directions.

Affirmation: “My good now overtakes me in a surprising way”. *

Libra, there are big changes in your work and career this month. You could be paying special attention to you health as the New Year progresses. Some renovation or change is possible on the home front in the form of restructuring or remodeling. Communication increases when you network in your community and other people help you expand in unexpected ways. As your energy increases it’s helpful to start a fitness plan to manage stress.

Affirmation: I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways- by thinking, speaking and acting.” *

Your third house of communication is emphasized this month Scorpio. As you organize and prioritize there is a new energy that moves you to expand into areas you have not yet explored. The proof is in the pudding when you pursue unexplored territory in your job or career. Taking a risk may be better than staying the course if you are feeling stifled. You may want to go solo when pressure from behind the scenes either makes or breaks a new deal after the 21st.

Affirmation: Seeming impossible doors now open, seeming channels are free, in perfect ways. *

Your values are challenged now with changes in your financial structure Sagittarius. You are launching new ideas for securing a firmer foundation. Work from partnerships may become increasingly important as January progresses. Challenges from unconventional connections can help you decide what values to keep or discard. Your network of friends and family are ready to listen and support you in exploring new directions.

Affirmation: I now thank God the giver, for God the gift. *

The chance of finding you home is slim this month, Capricorn. As you step into new areas of exploration, the challenge is to put your unique personality into the information you share. New connections expand possibilities for learning more about technology and business together. Expanding your vision for the future leads to new areas of experience. Your ideas are changing and challenges to old traditions can shift dramatically.

Affirmations: Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways. *

While you are normally outgoing and interactive, this month could find you operating much more behind the scenes Aquarius. As you put new goals into action for the New Year, it’s important to prioritize your schedule and stay on track with your objectives. The big challenge now is to let go of ideas or ways of thinking that keep you stuck in patterns that limit creative thinking. Channel stress with exercise and healthy eating to create balance and diminish chaos.

Affirmation: New channels of activity are opening for me now, in perfect ways. *

This month could find you forming a new business partnership as you clear the way for a new funding stream, Pisces. There could be talk of reorganization where joint finances are concerned. Networking in your community or with friends in similar career tracks will assist your long range planning. Let go of old forms of bookkeeping in favor of technology based systems. The expansion of your creativity seems to have no limits.

Affirmation: Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good. *

* Affirmations are from “The Writings of Florence Shinn.”

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