Monthly Forecast December 2010

This is your month to embrace higher education or reach for a new goal Aries. Maybe something you’ve been interested in resurfaces from the past. Long distance trips aligned with the holidays will connect you with people of like-mind while challenges with authority figures is possible around the 19th. Innovative ideas can stretch your perspective and take you into new territory by months end. Expect a surge in your energy and burn off any stress with exercise or outdoor activities.

Affirmation: “Nothing is too good to be true”.*

A new job demands that you prioritize and connect with people who can make decisions Taurus. You could be reviewing your finances and creating a budget that makes better sense. You’re at a point where partnering with other people can be very beneficial, and short long distance trips can move you and your ideas forward. Expect transformation and change when you are open to your intuition and dream life. Unexpected connections around the holidays bring rich resources through the internet or other technologies.

Affirmation: “Nothing is too wonderful to happen”.*

The emphasis on partnership is turned up now as you connect with leaders in the community and embrace creative ways to manage your time and resources Gemini. Reviewing past connections can be very beneficial as you move forward to create a presence in the workplace. You can help others launch plans and present their ideas for all to see. Networking in the community is changing…so embrace ways to contribute your expertise and ideas in a unique way.

Affirmation: “All things I seek are now seeking me”.*

Partnerships are shifting this month Cancer, and people coming into your life have a very transformative effect on your ideas and opinions. Challenges at home or with family members can arise and your long-range plans may shift. Be open to innovative perspectives and flashes of insight as the month progresses. Review ideas around health and fitness with the New Year approaching.

Affirmation: “All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in a perfect way”. *

Networking and prioritizing your time will be essential to the demands of new ideas regarding your work Leo. Children can play and important role for you now and your creative side will flourish when you embrace innovation and change. Old goals are revived or dropped in favor of more futuristic ideas and technology. Friends are important to your progress so balance fun with work and let go of any fears around finding your voice with this new energy.

Affirmation: “I give thanks, everything I need is speeding toward me in perfect ways”.*

You are going through a period of reviewing the hard work and effort that you’ve put into a recent goal Virgo. Letting go of extra activities or associations that drain your time will free you to manage a larger project that is challenging and has it’s structures in the communities foundation. Innovative perspectives on old thoughts are transforming the way people operate both mentally and physically. Your knowledge and ability are now in demand.

Affirmation: “My good now overtakes me in a surprising way”.*

Discipline and hard work are on your agenda as December begins Libra. Prioritizing will allow you to let go of things that are not longer immanent. You could be reviewing plans and networking to come up with a fresh perspective and direction. Lots of travel and short-range goals help move you closer to plans for expansion in your career. Family members will demand more of your time toward months end and your values may shift as your responsibilities increase.

Affirmation: “I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways- by thinking, speaking and acting.”*

It’s important that you take a good look at your value system now Scorpio, as you are being challenged to stretch your ideas of comfort and embrace change on several different levels. Networking in your community will revive an important resource and expose you to different communication styles. Working with businesses behind the scenes allows you to contribute to communication needs and help people embrace new ways to grow and change with childlike wonder and optimism.

Affirmation: “Seeming impossible doors now open, seeming channels are free, in perfect ways.” *

This December finds transformation not only in your finances, but also in your value system Sagittarius. Reviewing old ideas can revive something from the past and clear the way for a new chapter of goals within your circle. Hard work and discipline will pull in novel friends, and creative types are on your wavelength with the same vision for transformation. Find your voice and embrace your ideas in ways that have long held weight and value~ people are waiting for you to step up to the plate.

Affirmation: “Everything I need is now released in perfect ways, under grace.”*

The month starts off with a review of the past Capricorn. Old projects bring up ideas for innovation and change. Networking with friends will connect you with like-minded people and new partnerships. Demands in your career will take up the majority of your time and weeding out nonessentials will help move you closer to your target. You could be spending money on a home improvement project so budget wisely.

Affirmations: “Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways.”*

You’re being thrown into the holiday fray as December begins Aquarius, and your presence and voice have an impact in the community. The discipline and hard work that you’ve put into your goals begins to shift as the month progresses, and letting go of old habit patterns will pave the way for change. You could find yourself laying a new foundation or contributing to people behind the scenes that are in need of your farsightedness and ability to grasp the bigger picture.

Affirmation: “New channels of activity are opening for me now, in perfect ways.”*

Demands in your career are highlighted now Pisces. Challenges with joint resources come to the fore and you may have to justify expenditures or revise financial plans to meet current needs. Looking at a possible merger or other strategies could help extend a current budget. Streamlining operations and working with others challenges you to stay open to new perspectives. Adopting a different style and embracing innovative connections will help you adopt new methods and jump-start your vision.

Affirmation: “Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good.”*

* Affirmations are from “The Writings of Florence Shinn.”

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