Monthly Forecast March 2010

You may feel a distinct urge to clear unnecessary clutter this month Aries. Cleaning cobwebs is just an analogy for letting go of worn out habits or routines. A surge of energy is released as the month progresses. A mentor challenges you to step up to the plate. Focus on your creative side and connect with like-minded friends.

Affirmation: God is my immediate and endless supply. *

You could be ending a long-term project now Taurus. Putting the final touches on a work assignment calls for a creative approach. Prioritize your schedule to get some needed rest. The next goal on your agenda is quickly taking shape. Exercise flexibility to make healthy changes in your partnerships.

Affirmation: I have all the time I need to accomplish my goals.*

Big changes are going on in your career this month Gemini. Stalled communications move forward after the 10th. Team-up with others to make necessary adjustments to your goals. A heart-to-heart talk with a friend may take your relationship to the next level. Be willing to see both sides of a financial challenge. Let your intuition be your guide.

Affirmation: God is my immediate and endless supply.*

A long-range goal is now within reach Cancer. Your challenge is letting others in to help. Powerful connections push you to tap into your creative side to initiate change. Remember to get out and move your body to release frustration. Old limitations are quickly becoming just a memory.

Affirmation: The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass, in perfect ways. *

A shift in your energy takes place early this month Leo. Influential connections help you obtain a challenging goal. Manage stress with new fitness routines or try a new sport. Pursuing a dream will bring exciting opportunities your way.

Affirmation: Everything I seek is now seeking me, in perfect ways, under Grace. *

Letting go of stale relationships will allow you to focus your energy Virgo. Your creativity is at an all-time high. Ideas present themselves when you relax and let them bubble to the surface of your imagination. Taking care of the child within will have a transforming effect on your stability. Follow your hunches.

Affirmation: Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways. *

You have definitely become an expert in your work Libra. Handling details could become second nature to your daily routine. The biggest challenge now is being pulled between career and home. Power struggles will subside when you share your truth, and setting limits will allow you to manage your time. A community project connects you with exciting new friends. ~

Affirmation: New areas of divine activity are now open for me, if perfect ways *

Your passion for a creative project or sport is highlighted now Scorpio. Balancing fun with work will enhance your life with a fresh perspective. Focus on long-range goals to keep your schedule on track. Honest communication is key to developing a meaningful dialog with headstrong co-workers.

Affirmation: Everything I seek, is now seeking me, in perfect ways, under grace. *

Your home and family take additional energy this month Sagittarius. Balancing your budget may be secondary to a challenge with your children. Your goals move forward after the 10th and an old friend could resurface as the season changes. An expert or mentor can offer valuable advice on a pet project.

Affirmation: I now thank God the giver, for God the gift. *

Networking will put you in touch with a hidden inspiration this month Capricorn. Opportunities come from unlikely sources. A pet project moves forward after the 10th when you are pulled to transform your plans for change. Doors open as you push your organizational skills into the limelight.

Affirmation: Unexpected doors are open, unexpected channels are free, in perfect ways. *

Getting your budget on track is the first step to a firm foundation Aquarius. A relationship moves forward after the 10th. You may have to keep your bags packed as opportunities to explore new territory present themselves. Prioritize you time to eliminate stress from work demands. Mediation or quiet contemplation will calm frayed nerves.

Affirmation: New channels of activity are opening for me now, in perfect ways. *

Your style is changing this month Pisces. Worn out beliefs may have you re-aligning your goals. A work project gets off the ground after the 10th. Supportive partnerships will invest in your expertise. Remain open to authenticity to stay grounded. Listen to your heart over your head.

Affirmation: Every person is a golden link in the chain of my good. *

* Affirmations are from “The Writings of Florence Shinn.”

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